fire rated cables

Fire-resistant cables have been developed in order to withstand harsh working conditions with extremely hot temperatures and even fires. That’s an incredibly important aspect that everyone should be aware of because you always want to increase the safety of any building or installation. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables are the basis of this, and even though

Cold bathrooms when the temperature drops? The solution is easy, all you need is a heater fan light! In this article, we will show you why this is a very smart and clever investment!

accessories for gopro

From the first steps taken on land to the Wright brothers taking flight for the first time, mankind has strived to conquer the planet, placing footholds on the ground, in the oceans and in the skies. Submarines allowed us to reach the deepest deeps and aeroplanes to reach the highest highs. Anyone who’s ever been

led downlighting

Downlights are one of those rare all-purpose lighting fixtures. They are most often used to provide general lighting in the room. However, when strategically placed, they can also complement the existing décor and design in a stylish way. LED lights are the most common type of fixtures used for downlighting. The main reason for this

man standing in front of the RV batteries

If you’re travelling the country with an RV, it’s important to have all the commodities and conveniences of your home with you on the road, a large part of which are your electrical appliances. Whether it’s a fridge, TV, laptop, electric stove, or anything else, it needs electric power to run, which can be scarce

Even though the prices of solar panels have fallen dramatically over the past decade and a half, the cost of off-grid solar system setups is going in the opposite direction. But luckily, any remote homeowner can install their own off-grid solar system with a basic toolbox and some know-how, which can help reduce the overall

one wheel e board

This Santa Cruz located company started back in 2013 when the first Onewheel board was presented on Kickstarter. The founder Kyle Doerksen needed 8 years to come up with the first working board ready to be used by the average Joe. It was at the end of 2013 that Kyle quit his day job and

OLight Flashlights

Founded in 2006, Olight flashlights is a Chinese manufacturing company that became known for its high quality headlights, tactical lights and everyday use torches. The most notable feature on an Olight flashlight is the lumen count (there is an Olight flashlight that offers a maximum light output of 25000 lumens). But not everyone needs a

Headlamps are very practical tools that we find handy in a range of different situations – be that camping trips, hunting, night walking with our dog or for simply performing some task in a dimly-lit garage. They leave your hands free for anything you need to do while still getting the needed light. When looking

rc cars

The world of remote controlled vehicles can provide you with tons of fun for hours on end, which is why RC vehicles have become so popular, not just among kids, but adults as well. But getting into the RC world can be difficult for some, because there are just so many toys to choose from,