The simplest, easiest and quickest way to get rid of a bad cat urine odour is with the help of a cat urine odor removal product. Unfortunately, not all of them can give you the desired results, so when in the search for such a product, make sure to choose an enzyme-based cat urine odor removal solution.

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Getting a puppy is exciting but stressful as well. Especially if you’ve never owned a pet, you might be worried about how you’re going to handle everything and is what you’re doing enough for your furry friend. First and foremost, dogs need love. Just like any other living being. Over time, you can buy more

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As much as we love our canine friends, spending the entire day together is not always possible. Life can be quite busy – working, running errands, making time for friends and family… Leaving your dog home alone is inevitable at times and almost always accompanied by feelings of guilt. But fear not: as long as

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An electric fence collar works with a transmitter and an electric fence to keep your dog in your yard. This is a rather small device that goes on the neck of your pet and doesn’t cause discomfort, unless your dog goes near a certain boundary. The static correction doesn’t get turned on until the audio

Spending quality time with your beloved dog while on vacation is priceless. However, you shouldn’t forget to keep it protected when you two go for a swim. Regardless of the breed, every dog needs a dog life vest (even water dogs). Here are a few important reasons why, if you’re still not convinced.

So you’ve decided to adopt a puppy and bring some cheer into your life, it was all working out great until you got your precious carpet peed and pooped all over; now what? Well, first of all, breathe in, breathe out and relax. It’s important not to get angry and yell at your puppy even

Cats really are special. In fact, they were treated as royals and deities in ancient Egypt for about 30 centuries, and it seems they haven’t forgotten this treatment even today. For cat owners, a cat is a family member, their best friend and companion. Where you go, kitty goes along too, including flights. Trouble is, unlike

Though not everyone is keen on the idea of owning a pet, it’s well-known pets improve lives, bringing about benefits  to their owners. Being the most loving and loyal companions they are, it’s no surprise for owners to consider them as part of the family, so wherever you go, you simply can’t imagine leaving your

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet, even more so if someone steals it. I made the mistake of leaving my dog in my front yard with the front door unlocked, just to come back home to an empty yard. I spent days looking for him to finally realize that that’s probably not going

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People get very protective when it comes to their dog or their cat, and it’s easy to see why. While to others these may just be animals, to the owners, they are dear companions that have been by their side for a long time. This closeness means that people usually want to handle everything from