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Even if we love our dogs without conditions, there are moments when their constant barking becomes too much to put up with. We understand barking is a dog’s way of communicating. However, it starts to be a behavioural problem once it becomes excessive. 

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Barking is a natural response for dogs. Dogs bark for many reasons to express a variety of emotions in diverse situations. This can be to show excitement when greeting people, to defend themselves when in trouble or to guard their owner’s property. While a dog’s barking is considered normal in many situations, it can become

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First and foremost, it’s natural for dogs to bark. However, there may be many reasons other than their initial instinct to bark. Whether it’s because of anxiety, fear, domination, or something that triggers them, surely enough, constant and excessive barking can be quite stressful for the owner and the dog itself. 

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Having a dog means comes with great joy and even greater responsibility. As pet owners, we must create a safe and secure environment for our furry friends to enjoy and be carefree. Whether you live in a house with a big yard or an apartment, it’s crucial to secure a space where your dog can

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In a world filled with cats, dogs, and the occasional hamster or fish, there’s something delightfully unique about choosing a pet turtle as your companion. These animals aren’t your everyday household pet, but they bring a sense of tranquillity and fascination that are hard to match. So, let’s explore the art of setting up an

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Dogs require lots of time and attention that’s for sure, but they’re the type of animals that can literally repay you for everything you’ve done for them. They’re one of the smartest and most loving animals that aside from reducing your stress, they’re able to provide you with so much more than you could imagine.

As a good dog owner, you should equip your dog with a properly fitted, dependable collar without a leash attachment. A good dog collar is safe, appropriately sized, comfortable, and, most importantly, can keep up with your dog’s active lifestyle. When looking for the essentials for your new puppy, any old dog collar will most

As much as you want your pooch to enjoy being a free spirit and run around, for their safety it’s important to get a collar. Besides keeping your pooch near your side when on a walk and helping people to identify the owner in case they get lost, a collar can also make for a

Ears are the most fun and expressive part of the dog’s body. When your dog wiggles his ears or pricks them up, it’s a supremely visual display that he feels good.

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As an extra-caring dog parent, we’re sure that you want only the best for your lovely pooch. From feeding them with high-quality commercial food and supplements to providing an environment where your dog will feel loved and accepted. However, taking care of a loving puppy isn’t as easy as it seems, as they require more