Welding Pliers: The Different Types and How They Make the Welding Process Easier

You won’t find a welder, brazer, or metal fabricator who wouldn’t agree that a good pair of pliers is one of the best welding tools to have at their disposal. From grasping hot metal to keeping objects aligned, welders rely on pliers for a host of tasks. But because welding is such a specialized activity,

Living room with panel LED lights

Lighting in the workplace greatly impacts employee mood, stress and energy levels, as well as overall productivity. It also enhances safety. Suitable lighting cuts out glare, eye strain, headaches and fatigue, precursors to low performance and bad moods. To sustain a healthy work environment, it’s imperative to complement your work space with the proper lights.

retail store flooring

Vinyl is a material that is frequently used as a flooring choice for commercial spaces. Since these spaces often see a lot of foot traffic and abuse, a durable material is needed to withstand all that, and research has shown that vinyl flooring performs better than other materials in heavy traffic areas. The versatility of

Cover Plate in living room

The cover plate is the first thing that you see when you walk into a room and the last thing you see when you leave. It is the focal point of your entire room, so it needs to look good! Switches and receptacles are manufactured with a metallic finish in a very specific shade of

Black pantech trailer

How many times have you found yourself thinking how nice (…helpful, or even convenient) it would be if you owned a trailer? If you own a vehicle, then the chances are pretty good you’ve thought it at least once … and you can find a healthy measure of consolation in knowing that it’s not a

Golf Buggy Trailer

Whether you’re a professional golf player, or you just casually enjoy this sport during the weekends, golf is among the most amusing activities you can choose for yourself. But as much as golf can be fun, you probably know that the necessary equipment can be quite expensive- from high-end putters and wedges to specially designed

Copper Press

For most people, one of the least understood aspects of designing modern, habitable spaces is plumbing. Discretely concealed inside the walls and crawl spaces of homes and offices, and buried in yards and under sidewalks; plumbing systems are responsible for safely placing at our disposal the single most essential source of human health and well-being:

metal detector

Do you know how back in the day virtually everyone was casually searching for a random pot of gold? We’re talking much earlier than the now infamous gold rush that overtook the world by storm. Thinking about it now, the frantic search for treasures makes total sense because if you hit the jackpot, you wouldn’t

ice cream cake

There’s not a single person out there on this planet that doesn’t like ice cream. You just can’t convince me otherwise. Really though, think about it, how can you say no to some refreshing deliciousness on a hot day? Or any day for that matter. It’s always the right time for some ice cream. This

solar panels

Australia has a lot of sunny days, so it would be a waste not to use all that solar energy. Solar inverters are an extremely effective tool that allows households to not only reduce their electricity bill but also their carbon footprint. There are definitely a lot of benefits to using solar inverters and solar systems,