There’s no doubt that adult toys can revolutionize your sex life and help you experience pleasure in ways that you may have never imagined. In the past, there was some stigma surrounding the use of these tools, either because of religious beliefs or simply because it was seen as something that only certain people did.

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Sex toys, according to qualified sex therapists and psychotherapists, can be a compelling addition to your sex life by adding diversity, excitement, and originality to the bedroom. Routine sex and masturbation can be spiced up with sex gadgets that might assist you in achieving the desired orgasm.

You have probably seen at least one porn movie or a clip where the performers are tying themselves to the bed and then indulge in the sum-dom intercourse. Or, you have probably seen that movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ where the main characters are enjoying their secret games in the sex dungeon. 

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Every wedding anniversary brings new memories and accomplishments and calls for a celebration. But when a couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, opening just a bottle of Cabernet Merlot, might not be enough. Spending half a century in love with one person is a wonderful thing that deserves to be acknowledged the right way.

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Embracing and exploring your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. Your sex life affects your overall well-being, which explains why working on improving your sexual function is, in fact, an act of self-care. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, you owe it to yourself to get in tune with your body and

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When you’re with one partner for awhile, there will come a time when you simply run out of positions, locations and role play scenarios you haven’t tried yet. You’ve seen it all, done it all, so… this is pretty much it? Don’t settle for a monotone sex life just yet! Whenever you want to switch