woman on a boat wearing green plus-size swimwear

Whether you feel like dipping your toes into the ocean or are attending a swimming pool party, you want to look and feel your best. It’s about embracing your unique beauty, celebrating your curves and splashing into self-love and confidence. Swimwear is more than just a practical garment designed for summer days. It’s embracing diversity,

Business attire for women

In the dynamics of corporate settings, sometimes can feel a bit challenging to create a balance between a formal look and being able to express your individuality. However, the clothing we wear at our corporate job does influence others’ perceptions about us and our professionalism. It’s needless to say clothing is a powerful tool for

shoes for men

These days, given the vast universe of shoe designs for men, it’s never been more difficult to decide how to step out into the world in the right footwear. Whether you’re looking to build a whole new wardrobe, trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone, or just trying to put a decent

high heels woman

What are your ‘war’ shoes? What do you put on when you are in the element to conquer the world? High heels! Every woman has at least one pair that can make her feel like there’s nothing she can’t do. High heels have not only been a fashion staple for centuries but they are adored

sleeping issues

If you have been dealing with sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, then you are probably already familiar with the benefits of CPAP machines. These machines provide continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) and support breathing during the night, allowing people to get a good night’s rest. One of the crucial elements of this system is the

woman in brown coat

Dressing elegantly does not require a large budget. At the heart of it, it mostly involves creating a sophisticated and refined ensemble with a few main fundamentals and eye-catching accessories. It also includes discovering elegant, flattering clothing that makes you appear and feel amazing. And the most important thing is about allowing your self-assurance to

Natural glowy makeup

Imagine this, it’s summertime, and you’re sweating and can’t stop the drops from pouring. And worst of all, that makeup you spent half an hour putting on just this morning looks more like melted ice cream than a dewy glow. By the time you take off your makeup in the evening, your face is covered


If you’re a sneakerhead, you know that staying up to date with the latest trends is essential. And in 2023, it’s all about fresh kicks that will take your style to the next level. From bold colourways to innovative designs, this year’s sneaker trends are sure to turn heads. So, let me give you a

12 Wedding Shoes Perfect for Your Walk Down the Aisle

It’s not easy being a bride, and picking the right shoes could be one big choir if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. Your choice is also determined by your wedding gown style, venue, weather, and personal preferences. So, scroll through these recommendations and get inspired to choose your own!

modern workwear

As harrowing as it might be to work outside in the heat, or to be stuck in a dimly lit underground car park, the appropriate work clothes can make all the difference to your comfort and safety whilst on the job. Oftentimes, we tend to overlook the importance of wearing proper clothing in favour of