home recording studio

For a small(ish) sum of money, you can set up your own home studio with some excellent gear and an acoustically treated area. The ability to compose a decent song is crucial to success.

Equipping your boat with the right radio can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make, as it can be the difference maker in a life or death situation, and it can completely shift your whole experience while out on the water. That being said, you can’t expect a conventional radio to perform well

Heavy Duty Cases

Is there a better profession than being a musician? You don’t just get to enjoy your days filled with music, but usually you get to travel, visit places, see the world. And what’s more awesome than playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd craving for some good music? On top of it all, you get


We’ve witnessed the huge advances in technology throughout the years, but when the first high definition TVs were introduced, the world went crazy about them. People like watching TV because it satisfies their social and emotional needs and their curiosity. That’s why it’s almost impossible to imagine a household without at least one TV in

gig preprations

I have been to at least ten well-organized rock and jazz concerts, both in our country and abroad. Apart from the unforgettable pleasure of listening to some of my favourite solo artists and music bands, my concert-related memories also include images of the performers’ team preparing for the two-hour long music show. Yes, I always