Arts and Crafts

Are you a crafty person? You have probably noticed all the beautiful hand-made cards and thought you could give it a try. Cardmaking is a delightful and creative craft that allows you to express your sentiments and creativity through personalised cards. At the heart of this craft lies cardstock, a fundamental material cherished for its versatility

Are you in love with the coast and sea? Do you like the idea of bringing a piece of that vibe into your home? Art prints featuring the coast have a unique ability to transport us to serene shores, where the salty breeze whispers through palm trees and the sound of waves crashing against the

Die Cutting Machines and Supplies

Human beings have always been finding ways to express their creativity through making art. Craftwork is one of those activities that can be just a temporary hobby, a business idea or an attempt to tell a story. So, whether you’re just starting or have been crafting for years, you’ll find useful items on this comprehensive

different coloured balls of clay placed on a table

Colour is a terrific way to make your ceramic art come to life and add some personal flair to it. Clay colourants opened up the colour possibilities for potters, as we all know how adding colour to your ceramic art can be a tricky proposition. Unlike when dealing with paints, the raw glaze you apply to

different types of art paper

Whether you’re drawing, painting, sketching, doodling, or collaging, paper is one of the most essential supplies required to start any creative endeavour. As much as other supplies, the surface on which you draw has an impact on your artistic accomplishment. However, picking the right paper pad for the job can sometimes be overwhelming especially when

charcoal pens on the table

There’s no denying the liberating and creative power that drawing has on your artistry. It’s a process that involves manipulating shapes, forms and other elements to bring an idea or vision to life, with custom detailing and signature strokes that are all your own. The freedom of expression this brings is a terrific outlet for

pottery kiln

One thing all ceramic artists have in common is that if they want their work to last, they must fire it in a ceramic kiln. Sure, many contemporary potters create raw clay sculptures specifically to let them erode to explore concepts of permanence and fragility, but that is the exception rather than the rule. The

A Cut Above the Rest: How to Choose a Unique Cutting Board Gift

Should I go for some nice wine glasses? Or perhaps a set of porcelain dishes or a gift card? What should I give my friend? These are questions that plague our minds whenever we need to surprise someone with a present. If this is a dear friend of ours, we don’t want to just give

Kids love to play and experiment with different looks, and face painting provides endless opportunities for them to express themselves. Whether it’s for a special event or just a part of their playtime, children love using these paints to explore their artistic side and have fun with friends. However, as a parent, it’s important to consider

6 Best Personalised Gifts for the Special Person in Your Life

The thrill of having your name engraved on a special item is not limited to 7-year-olds getting miniature license plates – everyone feels special when they open a gift that was made just for them.