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As harrowing as it might be to work outside in the heat, or to be stuck in a dimly lit underground car park, the appropriate work clothes can make all the difference to your comfort and safety whilst on the job. Oftentimes, we tend to overlook the importance of wearing proper clothing in favour of

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Although the work scene has gone through some unprecedented events and changes around the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic, uniforms still matter in the business world. Since the number of people returning to the office is on the rise, it is important to understand how the clothes you wear while on the job can speak

Diamonds might be girls’ best friends, but the same thing can be said about shoes as well. In fact, footwear is one of the fashion accessories women adore the most and they simply cannot get enough of it. And while black pumps and flat ballerinas might be some of the most favoured and essential types

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Most of us may benefit from a wardrobe reevaluation by the time we reach 50. Over the years, our bodies, faces, and habits have changed. Our fashion choices, on the other hand, haven’t always kept up. That said, if it’s been a long time since you’ve last updated your wardrobe, now’s the perfect time to

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Even though aging is inevitable, looking old doesn’t have to be. With the right practices, you too can look flawless and stunning, regardless of your age.

Ever since its blow-up in the 90s, streetwear fashion has been taking over both streets and catwalks worldwide. This is many people’s go-to choice for a relaxed everyday outfit, but also a casual option for less serious occasions and outings.

Since the 1970’s, streetwear has developed in style to identify various characteristics and adapt to various subcultures. In contrast to athletes who practice other sports, skateboard attire is not a compulsory dress requirement.

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Be honest, how many times have you sat in front of a mirror for what seems like an eternity trying to pick out the appropriate accessories to go with your outfit? Sure, you could have the perfect clothing options planned out but if you don’t pair that with the right details as the cherry on

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Style is something you can’t buy. But you can buy the right clothes and look stylish and appealing. Although some people seem like they’re born with it, your style develops over the years. If you used to wear only laidback and sports outfits, as you grow older, you realize that a man should have several

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Ever since the 1600s when paper currency became widely accepted, the wallet has been an essential part of everyday life. Even before that, when currency was in the form of coins, coin purses were used to carry money around – another form of a wallet that can still be seen today, although rarely.