Religion has always been part of people’s lives, ever since the beginning, even if not in the same form. This is because people have always been fascinated by life and death, trying to solve the mysteries and find the way to getting close to the forces and powers that created life on this planet (the


Restless, hopeless and with barely anything to live for, Ashley Smith’s devastating life story made it to the headlines in 2005 when Brian Nichols, an escaped convict, held her hostage for 7 hours in her own apartment. After assaulting her, Brian asked Ashley whether she had drugs and if she would do them with him.


So far, we’ve seen many amazing Christian books turning into movies, but we sure haven’t had enough of the powerful moral stories and characters that exhibit conflicting emotions during their struggles. These movies are know to never get old, because they are perfect for family gatherings and usually encompass messages that you’d like to pass