black car interior with black moulded carpet pieces

There are many reasons why you’d want to replace the existing carpet in your car. Carpet that’s torn, frayed, faded or stained beyond repair or a good cleaning just puts a blemish on the overall look of your vehicle’s interior. Sure, you can hide the odd imperfection with a set of car mats, but you’re

Are you looking to take your 4×4 rig out in the outback and have some fun? If you’re considering traversing through creeks or squeezing down some trails, you’ve probably thought about installing a snorkel. However, a snorkel isn’t the only aftermarket modification you need if your vehicle comes in contact with water. Differential breathers are

pickup running board

The number of pickup trucks bought every year increases substantially as we move towards a future with bigger vehicles. But why is that so? Although pickup trucks used to only be useful for towing and off-roading, today’s pickup trucks are much more than just rugged vehicles. They are more versatile than ever and they are a

nissan navara

Nissan’s decision to axe the 3-litre V6 diesel engine in the D40 and all petrol variants in previous Navara models might have lost the company some loyal buyers, but this is a trend adopted by all ute makers. Downsizing might not be popular, but emissions regulations and rising fuel prices have taken their toll. The

Whether you’re navigating the family grocery getter through downtown Melbourne or pushing your way across the trail through the outback, few scenarios are as frustrating – or as potentially dangerous – as sluggish throttle response. Throttle lag, dead spots in your power curve and engine hesitation aren’t welcomed guests on anyone’s road trip, and inline-mounted,

heat wrap bikes

Heat can prove both beneficial and detrimental when it comes to engines. Too much heat over a longer period can cause severe wear to all engine components, while the immediate effect is choking your engine of cool air it needs for combustion. Similarly, a cold engine will be hard to get up and running and

The engine is the heart of every vehicle, be it big or small, new or old. Although in the future the engine is predicted to become obsolete, for now, it’s the most reliable way to keep a vehicle running. Since the engine is such a complex system of components working together to burn fuel, it

Amongst vehicle enthusiasts, the most efficient and reliable vehicles in the world are the ones made by Japanese automakers. Japan had its economical boom later than most other countries (after the end of World War II) and that gave them a significant boost in production. Many Japanese car manufacturers are considered as makers of true

nissan patrol accessories

If you’re a fan of cars that perform great both off and on the road, you’re probably a Nissan Patrol driver. This powerful 4WD is one of the most popular here in Australia, as it’s versatile for all terrains. Furthermore, it has many great technical features like a V8 engine with a torque of 560

Exploring Australia’s landscapes or just taking a ride with your bicycle down the riverside is time well-spent that can heal your body and mind, and release some stress. The oxygen-rich air and the calm environment of the wind blowing through trees can be enough to put your mind at ease. Camping is one way to