Toyota Landcruiser exhaust

The Landcruiser has been Australia’s favourite large 4WD for decades. It comes with all the hallmark Toyota traits – reliability, decent kit, safety, and value for money while proving its off-roading credentials in deserts worldwide. If it’s one car that can get you across the Red Centre in one piece, then this is it. Now

Man charging a car battery using a DC-DC battery charger.

Whether you’re cruising the open waters, going off the grid in your trusty RV, or harnessing solar power, deep-cycle batteries are essential for fuelling your adventures. Unlike traditional batteries, which deliver a burst of power over a short period, deep-cycle batteries provide a steady, reliable supply of lower power. This makes them ideal for applications

Mitsubishi ASX off road

In the same way, vehicles are becoming more and more complex, the aftermarket world is also getting vast. Mitsubishi aftermarket accessories, unlike OEM ones, are not as limited when it comes to design and availability. Although the former is more generic and universal, they are also more fitting.


Although UTVs and ATVs are normally associated with recreational activities, they’re also among the most trusted work vehicles in Australia. Farmers, ranchers, and even outback mining companies rely on quads for basic transportation; that’s because their nimble, sure-footed construction makes them the perfect choice to go where other vehicles simply aren’t capable of going. The

Car interiors are more than just functional spaces; they are extensions of our personalities and lifestyles. One often overlooked aspect of car maintenance is the condition of our seats. Over time, wear and tear can take a toll, so deciding to replace the car seat covers is a practical and aesthetic choice. That being said,

Motorcycle with luggage parked in nature

Behind every exhilarating ride lies the art of preparation. Before you rev up and take off into the horizon, you need to pack your luggage with must-have items to ensure your trip is a seamless, well-prepared experience. Let’s go through the key essentials for a hassle-free and unforgettable ride, so you can focus on the

car cold air intake system

Experienced engine builders know that the key to horsepower isn’t big mods: it’s about mild mods that produce big results. A larger turbo with an intercooler, or a taller cam with stiffer valves will certainly produce powerful results, but they won’t come cheap, or without compromise. The added maintenance alone is enough to take the

audi s3

Contrary to what most auto shops are pushing, and the ludicrous advice you’d find on car forums, performance upgrades don’t have to be exorbitantly overpriced. Every car and every engine has leeway to give a little more and make driving more pleasurable. Simple and inexpensive additions to your ride, such as an aftermarket exhaust, or

nissan navara

Believe it or not, a canopy is all you need to transform your Nissan Navara into the perfect off-road companion. These mid-sized workhorses are among the hardiest, and most revered utes in Australia; and the fact that they’re so receptive to real-world, off-road upgrades means that it doesn’t take much to get them ready for

mazda rx7 exhausts

If you need more power from the engine, then changes to the internals will provide bags of added performance and a faster car. But swapping out pistons, and connecting rods and crankshafts are often the last additions to a revised engine. Other mods set the grounds for these to work as they should. More power