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Behind every exhilarating ride lies the art of preparation. Before you rev up and take off into the horizon, you need to pack your luggage with must-have items to ensure your trip is a seamless, well-prepared experience. Let’s go through the key essentials for a hassle-free and unforgettable ride, so you can focus on the

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Experienced engine builders know that the key to horsepower isn’t big mods: it’s about mild mods that produce big results. A larger turbo with an intercooler, or a taller cam with stiffer valves will certainly produce powerful results, but they won’t come cheap, or without compromise. The added maintenance alone is enough to take the

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Contrary to what most auto shops are pushing, and the ludicrous advice you’d find on car forums, performance upgrades don’t have to be exorbitantly overpriced. Every car and every engine has leeway to give a little more and make driving more pleasurable. Simple and inexpensive additions to your ride, such as an aftermarket exhaust, or

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Believe it or not, a canopy is all you need to transform your Nissan Navara into the perfect off-road companion. These mid-sized workhorses are among the hardiest, and most revered utes in Australia; and the fact that they’re so receptive to real-world, off-road upgrades means that it doesn’t take much to get them ready for

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If you need more power from the engine, then changes to the internals will provide bags of added performance and a faster car. But swapping out pistons, and connecting rods and crankshafts are often the last additions to a revised engine. Other mods set the grounds for these to work as they should. More power

The current Y62 Series 5 Nissan Patrol undercuts its major rival, the Toyota Landcruiser by almost $20000 in comparable trims. These are the two cars that you’d want for serious off-roading, as they have all the grunt, the 4-wheel drive credentials and ground clearance, and the space for heaps of gear. The price difference though

EGR Valve

The EGR valve system in your car is designed to reduce emissions. Under certain driving conditions, such as high load or idle, the engine will automatically turn on the EGR valve to allow exhaust gas to re-enter the combustion chamber and be burned with new fuel. The EGR valve is designed to close when not

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Keeping track of your vehicle’s vitals is a must. You need to know when your car needs oil changes, brakes replaced, or if it’s time for a new vehicle. But that’s not the only thing you should keep an eye on. There are other things you should be keeping track of as well. Here are

3 Mods to Turn Your Humble Ute into an Off-Roading Beast

Unless you opt for the ridiculously priced accessory packs, utes come as bare as they get straight out of the dealership. Sure they’ll meet most drivers’ intentions when on bitumen, but it’s the off-roading capabilities that can be bettered. Shocks and springs can be overhauled with a slew of aftermarket options, as well as the

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Performance, outright speed, and acceleration rimes can all be improved with the right choice of engine upgrades. While dozens of different parts can add a few more horsepower to the mix, going for the engine internals is where you’ll see the best results. Pistons, conrods, and cranks are where the magic happens. Swapping these out