flattening stones

A rough stone called a lapping plate or flattening stone is used to flatten sharpening stones. Cutting tool edges must be kept level and straight, hence a flat stone must be used to sharpen them. Waterstones and other similar stones cut very quickly because the glue holding them together degrades rapidly, continuously exposing new grit. 

cleaning cart

The cleanliness of guest rooms is critical to the success of any hotel, resort, or vacation rental. Your housekeeping staff must be organised and efficient because there is limited time available to prepare each room for the next guest. Start with a well-stocked housekeeping cart to help your cleaning staff do the best job possible.

glass jars with mango and strawberry smoothie

When decluttering your home, it’s essential to know what materials to choose and what materials to avoid! Endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates are used to manufacture plastics. Some of these chemicals have been shown to have adverse effects on the brain, hormone system, and reproductive system and contribute to the development of

kitchen appliances

Buying your own place and moving in is never an easy and simple task. There are so many things to buy for each room, furniture, storage space, bathroom toiletries, bed sheets are only some of the major purchases. The kitchen is also one of them, and the kitchen cabinets, stove and refrigerator are not enough.

Since almost all activities in the kitchen have to do with using water, it is absolutely vital that you have the right and most convenient type of tapware at your disposal. One option that can surely make all tasks simpler is a mixer tap. Let’s investigate why. Better User Experience Mixer taps, when compared to


The first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is buying the right ingredients and preparing clean and healthy food. The next step is to ensure you are using the right kitchen products, meaning eco-friendly. Eating organic and making yourself less exposed to toxins is not enough. You also need to ensure you are not ingesting

pastry shop

The dream of becoming your own boss by opening up your own pastry shop requires a great deal of courage, and of course, planning. The beginning is always the hardest, sure, but you can’t expect it to get any easier unless you have a strategy of your own to guide you through, primarily finding out

It’s usually when you start living on your own that you discover the beauty of cooking. But this is also the time when you become aware how complicated a kitchen can be. Until I moved out of my parent’s place, I couldn’t differentiate a pot from a pan. But eventually you start learning and become

Kitchen Sink

Knowing how some change in the home ambient can be beneficial for the overall health, you may be thinking of home renovation, or adding modifications to your furniture. As shopping has been declared to be a relaxing pastime positively affecting one’s mood (though not one’s wallet), having too many things to pick from can be


Juicing is simply amazing and provided that you do it right, you will open up yourself to a healthier lifestyle. It is one of the best ways to introduce a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into your bloodstream which will give you an amazing boost of life. If you are new to juicing,