Navigating the office printer aisle can feel like wandering a labyrinth. Inkjet or laser? Colour or monochrome? Duplexing? Cloud printing? Choosing the right printer for offices can be a daunting task, given the countless options of printers online and in-store. 

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Vinyl is a material that is frequently used as a flooring choice for commercial spaces. Since these spaces often see a lot of foot traffic and abuse, a durable material is needed to withstand all that, and research has shown that vinyl flooring performs better than other materials in heavy traffic areas. The versatility of

When the pandemic appeared, life took on a new meaning and many things changed, but one of the most significant was the way we worked. As authorities advised people to stay at home, many of us converted a corner in our homes into a working space, a trend that has become a silver lining of

Today, most people are aware of the harmful effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time. And when you add using a computer in a rigid position to the mix, the risks grow even more – eye strain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, pain in the shoulders, arms and wrists, etc. And using a laptop makes things

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The world is quickly advancing; what was once known as a productive classroom environment no longer is considered as such. While not all of us are prone to adapting quickly to these advancements, changes are a good thing, and natural part of life, especially when they are meant to improve living. Knowing the essence of

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Today’s modern lifestyle comes with a great deal of convenience. You can literally socialize, work and be entertained without leaving your comfort zone. But, no matter how good it may seem, this kind of lifestyle still has its own downsides, especially when it comes to your health. Yes, I bet you feel very comfortable sitting

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Every year, thousands of Australians receive compensations for work-related injuries. Not only does that hinder a company’s finances in terms of compensation, but it also impacts the productivity of the entire workplace and the overall outcome can be staggering. Billions of dollars are paid, and millions of sick days are taken as a result. That

Living in the 21st century is certainly a great deal simpler than even a century ago and all of that is due to the technological boom that is still ongoing. The appearance of many inventions, such as the devices we use on a daily basis to stay in touch with family and friends and the