Led lenser flashlight

Having trouble focusing the flashlight The head of the flashlight consists of two parts – the Rapid Focus carriage which tapers off into a tube, and the cylindrical part with the reflector lens. In anticlockwise direction, unscrew the cylinder from the Rapid Focus carriage. Make sure to never touch the LED! Further on, remove the

laptop case

Laptops are one of the most vital and ubiquitous pieces of equipment for many business professionals, including office employees, doctors, therapists, writers, salespeople, computer technicians and many others – they all highly depend on their laptops to access and store important work-related information. Plus, many students in both high school and college carry laptops to

In the past few years social media sharing has been constantly on the rise which is why people are more focused on presenting photographic evidence of what’s going on in their lives in virtual form rather than having a physical copy of their memories. I have to admit that I was one of them until


The process in which electrical appliances are tested is called portable appliance testing and in order to conduct a proper test, you need portable appliance testing equipment. Testing is essential for ensuring that all the equipment you’re working with is in a proper working condition. You can check whether cables are in earthing continuity as

jade heating pad

I spend about 8 hours a day sitting in a very uncomfortable, unergonomic chair that takes its toll on my back. When I get home every day, instead of normally starting to prepare dinner and finish some chores around the house, I instantly crush on the bed for an hour to rest my back. The

How often do you see photographers walking around with the latest cameras and lenses, or see high-quality photos online taken with expensive gear and you are wondering: where do they get those wonderful toys? Well, I will tell you something that will blow your mind: instead of buying photo equipment, you can actually rent it.

LED Torches

The concept of light has always been significant to humankind, starting from its Biblical reference to when God created it, its importance to plants in the process of photosynthesis, to the role of light in sparking up people’s positive mood. Life was rather dull in the days prior to the invention of electricity and devices,


Nowadays, it is pretty common for a family to have many devices (from as little as 2 to as many as 8) including phones, tablets, laptops, etc. While some of these devices are personal and others are shared among family members, the fact is they all need to get charged. To avoid getting trapped in

When it comes to buying cameras and photography equipment you always want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. These things don’t run cheap, so you should know what you’re buying before you go and spend a lot of money on something. Not all cameras are made equally and neither is equipment so

E Liquid Juice

E cigarettes have become a trendy approach to traditional smoking that they even look like the real thing! But what makes the difference is that e cigarettes contain an e liquid juice inside that gets vaporized by a heating element once the e cig is turned on. Studies have found that e cigs are 95%