Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you visualize and verify thermal performance instantly, but in order to perform a variety of thermal temperature measurements, one needs a special infrared camera. The thermal imagery will allow you to detect and address the problem that otherwise, could go unnoticed. Usually the infrared cameras are

Power Tools

Being actuated by an additional power source and a mechanism other than the manual labour that is used with hand tools, power tools are the much needed innovation in the world of today. They are widely used in electricity, construction, plumbing as well as in other industrial jobs. From plumbing and damage repair, to home


My first home as a bachelor was a small studio apartment in Sydney. It had worked for me for a while, but then I got married and for family-building purposes had to move into a more spacey apartment. Of course, moving home is no easy deal and one of the primary things I learned was

Exhaust Systems

Like any breathing, living being, your ride’s motor has to inhale and exhale efficiently, otherwise it’d end up wheezing and weak. And if your car still has the engine’s stock exhaust system that you bought it with many years ago, you’re probably missing out on that sweet, extra horsepower that can be harnessed from your

The wish to make money on our own and provide for ourselves by having our own business has been part of human nature since the dawn of time. While in the past it took people longer, with more efforts invested to actually make their dream come true, after the Industrial Revolution started sweeping the world


The process in which electrical appliances are tested is called portable appliance testing and in order to conduct a proper test, you need portable appliance testing equipment. Testing is essential for ensuring that all the equipment you’re working with is in a proper working condition. You can check whether cables are in earthing continuity as

Soft Starter

The interaction between a rotating magnetic field flux and a rotor winding flux allows an induction motor to self start. In response, torque increases and results in high rotor current. When there is high rotor current generated, the motor reaches full speed ending up heated to high degrees which eventually damages it. A soft starter

Industrial steel shelving which is also sometimes known as warehouse shelving or retail shelving is used in so many different industries and so many different applications. That is why it is so important and crucial you choose the right shelving for your business needs and your own. There are a couple more common types of


To understand best what a shaft power monitor is, first you need to understand what shaft power is. Shaft power output refers to the number you get after calculating the motor input power (true power) minus the motor power loss. On the measuring device, the shaft power output will be indicated in kW, HP or


If you are someone who works in an industry that uses data loggers then the chances are you already know what it is. Many people use data logger Australia wide in many different industries on a daily basis. For those of you who don’t know, below we will go over what they are, when they