The term shaft power meter refers to a digital system for measuring that makes use of a laser beam in order to detect shaft torque, shaft RPM and as a consequence of this, it also detects the transferred power. The greatest thing about these systems is the fact that they can offer long term stability

Compressed air was considered something free once upon a time, but those days are gone. We know that it is considered a fourth utility that shouldn’t be wasted so freely. The air should be dry, clean and it should come in a box that doesn’t make much noise. Over time rotary screw compressor designs have


We all know that compact tractors are perfect for helping you get things done and dusted if you own a big piece of land. If you choose the right attachments for your compact tractor it will not only improve your machine it will also save you time and money in the long run. There are


The measuring wheel has been around for a long time, much longer than any of us can remember. In fact, the measuring wheel has been around since the 17th century. Of course, these earlier known measuring wheels were not like the ones we know today; the older models were made of wood and metal, whereas


Many electrical enclosure standards have been developed over years to ensure safety. Each of these ratings has different specifications but all have been created to keep you safe and to prevent damage to equipment or property. There are five different common types of electrical enclosures, it is important to understand the difference between each. The


Variable frequency drives are also known as adjustable speed drives or adjustable frequency drives and these pieces of equipment are a specific type of motor controllers that are used to drive electric motors by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motors. Components The main components which all variable frequency drives consist of


Gear reducer is a device that is used to increase the torque of a particular motor while slowing down the output speed. The worm gear is one of the most popular and most efficient types of gears which got its name as a result of of its work-looking form. This cylindrical screw, set in a


Getting the most out of your warehouse space is of utmost importance if you want the work in your storage facilities and your business to run smoothly. For that purpose, the quality of the shelving system you use can either make or break the business operation and can make a huge difference in the way


Drum trolleys and cradles are designed for safe manual handling, moving and lifting of barrels and drums for every industrial environment. Nowadays, it is an industrial standard for every company which wishes to allow any operator, irregardless how strong, to move drums of about 300 kilograms with only 20 kilograms effort provided that it complies


Understanding and using industrial trolleys is very advantageous because these specialized transportation devices can save you time and effort. They are used in warehouses, factories and many other industrial environments and their sole task is moving heavy loads from one place to another. By utilizing a heavy duty trolley, workers can categorize, move and protect