Finding the best phone case for your iPhone 6 can be a bit frustrating when you’re trying to find one that satisfies your criteria. With so many different models available, it’s hard to tell the good ones from the bad. Your best bet when it comes to picking a phone case is to stick with world renown brands which have been manufacturing quality cases for many years. One such brand that I’ll talk about and review today is OtterBox.


OtterBox cases are made to withstand the greatest abuse from all sorts of treatment. Their two most popular cases are the OtterBox Commuter Series and the Defender Series. While both of these cases offer excellent protection, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. OtterBox iPhone 6 cases come in a wide range of colours, and I personally love the black on black ones. However, you’ll easily come across OtterBox iPhone 6 cases in flamboyant colours, as well as leather and clear cases.

OtterBox’s signature case – the Defender – features a signature round circle on the back that exposes the Apple logo. Most OtterBox users use the Defender on a day-to-day basis since it’s specifically designed to provide the utmost protection. The case is made using a durable plastic inner shell that’s further encased with a rugged and thick rubberized sleeve. That being said, the chances of any shock reaching your iPhone are really small considering how thick the rubber sleeve is.


The rubber sleeve covers the entire back and all sides of the iPhone, including the ports and buttons. Although this means it provides more protection, it has a downside. Pressing the buttons is more difficult due to the thick rubberised coating, and you’ll have to use extra force to actuate them. The ring/silent switch and the ports are also completely covered, which means you’ll have to lift the flaps to reach them. However, the Defender does include cut-outs for the speaker and microphone that are located on the bottom of the phone so you won’t lose the sound’s quality.


Lastly, the OtterBox Defender series does not obstruct your iPhone’s camera, and it won’t cause any glare when you use the flash. Even the Apple logo that’s on the back of the phone is covered by a thin strip of plastic to help prevent scratches. As far as screen protection goes, the OtterBox Defender comes with a plastic screen protector that also covers the Touch ID sensor, but it will still easily pick up your fingerprint at all times.