Did you know that the greater percentage of sexually active female population cannot reach a vaginal orgasm, simply because the so-called “G-spot” takes all the attention of the much neglected (but much more important!) clitoris?


Honestly, I have to agree with the thesis that the famous “G-spot” is nothing but a myth, because rarely has a man succeeded in finding it. I also have to agree that there is nothing like a good clit stimulation, and no feeling like an oral orgasm. So, I believe we’ve settled it. Nevertheless, great sex is no longer reserved just for those few men on Earth that can find the G-spot and make the entire neighborhood shake under their partner’s big “O!”. Sex toys, like the very popular and fancy We Vibe products now take sex experience on an entirely different level.

We Vibe products are good-looking, perfect for using them with your partner, and even suitable for wearing them in your handbag for easy access at any moment. Do not fall under the silly influence of stupid thesis like “you can get addicted to your vibrator” or, “using a sex toy means you think your partner is not good enough”; the only thing that will happen is dull sex and reaching already known highlights.

So, what can you use to spice your sex life a bit? The We Vibe II Plus is the iconic couple’s vibrator that is definitely going to change how you define sexual climax. It is a triple stimulation system; your clit, the “G-spot” and your partner inside you. What else do you think will happen, except you screaming from the bottom of your abdomen? You can even regulate the strength of the vibration and play; start with low teasing as foreplay and then hit it hard!

Take this turbulent sexual experience with you even when your partner is not around. The We Vibe 4 Plus is an application connected vibrator that allows your partner to tease you even if he is miles away from you. With the press of a button on his smart phone and regulation of the vibration, the vibrator inside you will make you feel exactly like your partner’s talented mouth is down on you!


Another part of the We Vibe products palette is the Tango Pleasure Mate Collection. Now, this one is a must-have if you want to call yourself a sex adventurist. It takes three to tango: the Tango We-Vibe, the Glow Pleasure Mate and the Dusk Pleasure Mate. The Glow Pleasure Mate serves to stimulate the G-spot, the Dusk Pleasure Mate is for those who are new to anal experiences, and the Tango We-Vibe is a pocket-sized powerful vibrator. You have it all – a package full of sexual pleasure!

So, when you decide it is time to finally change your sex life and experience real heaven, check out the We Vibe products; you’ll be surprised how much you have been missing this whole time.