If you are a professional athlete or physically active person who is always on the go, then you certainly know how important is to have a steady source of energy throughout the day. This is easy when you are at home – you can prepare a nutritious snack and refuel your body with energy at any time. But when you are active all day outside your home, let’s say on a mountain bike ride or a long-distance run, taking a portion of chicken, rice and salad with you is not the most convenient solution, nor is packing your backpack with sugar-laden snacks. A far more convenient option for this type of situations, are definitely the life saviors – energy bars.

Energy bars

Energy bars come in a variety of flavours and combination of ingredients. However, in general these meal-replacement nutritious products are designed having in mind the needs of athletes and people who are doing endurance training. What differs these bars from the protein ones is the higher content of carbohydrates. Although an energy bar contains a lower amount of proteins than a typical protein one, it can still provide the same benefits associated with adequate protein intake. They are used as appetite suppressants, energy boosters and as a post-workout recovery food. Wondering how energy bars can be beneficial for your diet and workout regime? Read on.

As their name implies, energy bars supply you with calories or better said, with energy. These are not the same calories as those found in candy bars or other junk foods that cause a rapid spike of your blood sugar levels. On the flip side, the calories contained in the nutritious bars help you maintain your blood sugar levels. They are released and digested slowly, while boosting your carbohydrates levels and re-fueling your glycogen stores. This way they provide you with sustained release of energy and help you improve endurance. You can grab an energy bar whenever you feel that you lack energy to continue with your workout. Moreover, the proteins contained in this type of meal-replacement solution help your muscles recover after an intensive workout and have a significant role in building muscle mass.

Aside from carbohydrates and proteins, most energy bars are filled with important vitamins and minerals. Some of the most common essential nutrients that are added in these bars are vitamin B6 (an important vitamin that has been proven to help the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates) and calcium (known as a vital nutritious element for people with an active lifestyle).