It is well known that kids have limitless imagination. Boys would go on playing drivers, pilots or astronauts while siting in their cool children beds, while for girls, one of the most favourite thing to play is pretending to be mums who bake delicious cakes in the kitchen. So, if your little princess spends a lot of time in the kitchen, chances are your cooking area will be a mess most of the time. So, if you are looking for a way to avoid these sweet problems, investing in kids pretend play kitchen is your best bet.


Besides offering your children lots of fun, play kitchens also help them learn a lot of valuable things. But before you consider this just as a simple toy your children can play with for hours, it is good to be familiar with the many different ways in which it can help them learn and grow. By allowing kids to use their imagination, pretend play kitchens also help them boost their social skills. By using different kitchen accessories, your kids can strengthen their skills in math, learn how to identify vegetables, fruits and other foods and as well as develop organizational skills. So let’s see some of the benefits play kitchens provide to your little ones.

  • How to get along with others – Playing with its pretend play kitchen, children can learn how to get along with other kids. Encourage them to invite friends over to play together as by being in contact with other kids, they will improve their social skills and learn how to deal with different types of people.
  • How to share – Regardless the size and the model, kids can learn a lot about sharing while playing with their pretend play kitchen. Once they have it in their home, a lot of other kids will want to play with the toy too. Whether they are cousins, friends or siblings, they will need to learn how to share the toy so they have a good time. This may be a little bit difficult and tricky if there are younger kids, but still, each interaction strengths the sharing skills.
  • How to work as a team – In order to make the game work, kids will have to play all together. For example, if kids want to pretend doing the dishes, one kid will wash them while another will dry them. Similarly, pretending to prepare a meal will involve a lot of team work. By playing these kinds of games, kids learn a lot about how to work together as a team.
  • How to take care of belongings – From the very first day your kids receive their play kitchen, you should explain them the importance of taking good care of their belongings. Tell them to treat the kitchen gently if they want to have it for a longer period. If something is damaged and the rules are broken, it will serve as a good lesson about the importance of taking care of belongings. Cleaning is also a very important part, so if the play kitchen is in a great looking condition even after quite some time, your kids will have a clear picture of why taking good care of things is so much important.
  • How to keep things organized – Explaining the importance of organizing things to a kid sometimes can be nothing but losing your time. In this case, a play kitchen will help you clearly demonstrate why organizing belongings is smart and important. There are lot of different kitchen accessories, so it’s easy to end up with a huge collection. If kids do not keep them tidy and neat, they would not be able to find what they need. When your kid will be unable to find what is looking for, you should remind him about the importance of keeping things organized.
  • How to clean – Even though a pretend play kitchen is not going to get as messy as a real one, it will still require some cleaning from time to time. Kids should not use regular household cleaning products, but warm water and mild dish soap. Fill a bucket with water and let them use cloths and sponges to wipe down their favourite toy. Cleaning their kitchen will make them feel like adults and will help them develop cleaning skills as well.
  • How to be in charge – Kids have to be able to take turns and share in order to enjoy playing. Every now and then, they need to learn how to be in charge as well. At least one kid should be in charge of making sure that others follow the rules and deciding who will do what. This will help children tp learn and develop key leadership skills.
  • How to take turns – For smaller kids, taking turns is not an easy job. But as they become older, they become better and better at it. By playing with their play kitchen, kids will develop this skill at a much younger age. If more kids want to play with the sink, stove or fridge, they will have to take turns.
  • How to identify different objects – Children often have problems identifying basic colours, foods and other objects. This is especially true for children at younger ages. When they start playing with the play kitchen, you should play alongside and point to some accessories, toy foods or other kitchen objects and ask what it is. If you do this regularly enough, your kids will learn to identify these objects at a very early age.
  • How to count – Even if your kids know how to count already, they can improve this skill while playing with their play kitchen. For example, while playing with toy foods, kid may have to count to a certain number. Also, in order to organize toy cups, utensils and plates, they may have to count them as well to ensure that they are all there.

At first glance, a play kitchen may seem like an ordinary toy, but it can actually teach your kids a lot of important lessons and skills. Without any doubt, a kids pretend play kitchen is a great addition to any home with children.