Did you know that when submerged in water, your body loses heat up to 20 times faster than it does when in the air? That is why when planning to spend a prolonged period of time in or on water, wearing a wetsuit is a must. Having a layer of insulating foam neoprene over your skin will certainly help reduce heat loss and ensure a comfortable aquatic adventure.Women-WetsuitsMost manufacturers have a comprehensive range of men and women wetsuits which work well for most watersports. It is fine to do a bit of canoeing in a sailing wetsuit or a bit of surfing in a wetsuit designed for windsurfing. However, people who are dedicated to a certain sport prefer having a wetsuit specifically designed for the purpose. In the advanced world of today, different types of aqua sports have different requirements when it comes to the equipment. For instance:

Men and women wetsuits designed for surfing have close-fitting neck and arms to prevent water from getting into the suit;

Windsurf wetsuits come with re-enforced knees to withstand all the climbing on and off of the board;

Diving suits have a thick neoprene to keep the diver’s body warm as he/she goes deeper;

Kitesurf suits are very flexible and have the arms cut high, which is less comfortable when your arms are down by your side but ideal for kite flying.

When shopping for men or women wetsuits, it is worth investing in quality pieces. A high-end wetsuit will feature panels made from super stretch neoprene material which ensures a much better fitting as it follows the body’s contours and has a higher level of elasticity. A higher quality neoprene also has microscopic particles of titanium embedded within its structure which provides better insulation.

The Cut and Thickness

When it comes to selecting the most suitable cut and thickness for you, the temperature of the water where you will be practicing your sport is the main factor to consider. Use the thickness and cut chart below to choose the right wetsuit for you.

Water Temperature














Full Suit



Full Suit

< 6°C


Full Suit

The Size

A good fit wetsuit should be tight to the skin to prevent water flushing through the neck, leg and arm openings. Not having water inside your wetsuit will ensure the needed dose of warmth and comfort. The right size for a person should be based on their body measurements and proportions.