Without the helping hand of a decent amount of sunlight, even the most skilled of gardeners struggle to keep their plants in perfect condition. Shady areas are definitely a bit more challenging, but not impossible to turn into a visual excitement as there is a great range of beautiful plants that can not only thrive in shade but crave it. What’s more, having plants growing in these areas can make for achieving a lot more contrasting textures, different foliage colours and oftentimes, even some gorgeous flowers, so it’s without a doubt worth the trouble. Now let’s see how can all that be achieved.

Spathiphyllum Petite

This is the smallest variety of the Spathiphyllum hybrids. It is a small, leafy plant a small that produces elegant white flowers. The reason why so many people love this plant is not only the fact that it belongs to the group of garden plants for shady areas but also for the fact that it can remove toxins from the air. In the light of that fact, it’s smart to not only plant some in your garden, but also keep one in every room in your home and purify the breathing space. Just remember to adhere to its low-light terms and conditions and you won’t see it with burnt brown patches.

plant for shady area

Kangaroo Fern

This lovely Australian native fern has glossy green fronds which tend to grow in irregular sizes and shapes which makes it quite diverse. This is an amazing a great indoor plant, but it can also do a great job if you need to fill up some space outside. Due to it being a low-growing plant, it can also be put in a hanging basket or used as a groundcover.

Bleeding Heart

This old garden favorite steals the hearts of so many garden owners and it’s no wonder why that is so… It has inch-long, heart-shaped flowers that dangle gracefully from equally beautiful arching stems. Its blooms can be either pink or white. Just remember that this beauty heavy shade and if you want to get the most of its aesthetic potential, make sure you plant it among other shade perennials.

plants for shady areas

Winter Daphne

This is one of the most well-known garden plants for shady areas also known as Daphne odora. It comes with either pink or white flowers and the white colour can vary and appear in several different shades. This plants can tolerate a certain amount of sun, but it’s best to keep in in full shade for it to be able to thrive perfectly.

Mona Lavender

This shade loving plant grows to around 80 centimeters high and produces pale grey-blue flowers in the end of the summer season. Although late to the party, they continue to flower all through autumn and even into early winter. The foliage also looks very appealing – the leaves are dark green, glistening and a little bit hairy. What’s even more interesting though is their deep purple reverse which creates a wonderful contrast.