Camping in an RV is an activity that a lot of people find enjoyment in. They like spending time with their family, friends or even their pets in the great outdoors. Some even like to go out alone and try to find a little bit of peace and quiet. There are many things to do while camping, and plenty of different ways to camp as well.

Thanks to the devices and appliances that most of these types of vehicles come standardly equipped with, RV camping has a lot more everyday comforts that camping in a tent. Additionally, RV accessories can also be classified as either vital equipment you must have, or luxury items that only need to be brought along if that’s what the camper wants.

Towing mirrors are one of the most essential tools when it comes to transporting your caravan. They are attachment mirrors that are placed on the regular rear-views, usually by straps, and give the driver improved visibility so that they can be able to see behind the RV.


Another very important item is a propane heater. Even though most people believe it would only be a useful item in the colder months, the fact is that it can prove to be very important in any season. While it is true that it is the most crucial for the winter, if you are camping in the mountains, the nights might still surprise you with how cold they can get.

Collapsible tables and chairs are another item you might want to bring along. Even though they may not seem like very (or at all) important items, they still serve an incredibly useful function. Think about it, if you didn’t have a way to sit and eat outside and were confined to your caravan the whole time, then what would have been the use of leaving your house at all.

If you’re planing on bringing along any electrical devices that don’t come with the RV, then you will need to also bring along an inverter. Inverters turn the AC current that the motorhome produces into a DC current that your gadgets can run on.

Another non-essential but still very useful item would be a cooler. Not to serve as a refrigerator substitute so you could put your food in, but rather to be able to sit outside with a ice chest full of any beverage of your choosing at the touch of your fingertips…

Most caravans come with a stove or at least a single propane burner. However, if you wish you could still bring along a barbecue, or even attach one to the back as one of the RV accessories and use it to cook anything you like in the fresh air without having to stink up the inside of your vehicle.

These were a few examples of the most popular RV accessories that most people seem to bring along with them, but in the end exactly which you think you will need for camping is entirely up to you.