Growing up in the last decades of the previous century, as much as we were in touch with the groundbreaking technology in the likes of Walkman, Nintendo, VCR, and the first PCs and mobile phones, we didn’t feel devices were that greater of a part of our lives. Today the situation is rather different, and kids of all ages are already familiar with the functions of these devices that even they use them. Being a child then is incomparable with being a child today. The main problem is, as parents, we fail to see the danger of even letting our toddlers spend considerable screen time because of being too proud seeing them master certain operations thinking how highly intelligent they are.

Childrens Roller Skates

Though I’m guilty of letting my children grow in the habit of using devices almost every day, I now think they should be banned for children to a certain age because of the stalling they cause in the overall body and mind development. I know what you’re wondering now, how did I manage to get devices out of their hands without having tantrums ensue. Well, it was really all too easy actually, I got them childrens roller skates and turned roller skating into an activity we do as a family.

As much as we grown-ups find joy in recollecting childhood days with this kind of fun outdoors, I happened to realise how greatly my children enjoy it which is why they forgot about device games so quickly. Keeping them away from electronics isn’t the only aspect where childrens roller skates proved to be helpful, but with the overall well-being as well. Roller skating is the fun way of building up muscular strength, enhancing flexibility, balance and coordination, all of which are essential for a child’s proper growth. Considering the alarming state of increasing number of cases of child obesity, you won’t have to worry about calories and kilos piling up when your child is out with the skates mastering more tricks and turns.

That’s not all there is to the benefits of roller skating since it boosts the brain’s cognitive functions and it’s a no-brainer this leads to better learning performance at school. I couldn’t be more impressed by the immediate results this activity has brought to my children’s health and not only. Every time we go out for some rolling adventure, we get to see other families doing the same so making friends seems much more fun and easy. It all helps boost children’s social skills and creates long-lasting friendships.