So, your restaurant staff is completely dressed in the standard uniform elements, yet, there’s still something lacking. Although the standard uniform made up of shirt, apron, vest or a jacket, and some trousers or skirts may appear professional, there’s isn’t anything that’s especially distinguishable about it. So, if you want to leave a memorable impression on your guests, you need to find a way to make your uniform stand out.

embroidered apron

Luckily, livening up your staff’s uniforms can be super easy. You aren’t even required to switch out their existing uniform. Some simple forms of personalisation can bring the right dose of character to your staff’s outfits. With that being said, these following tips can be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make your uniforms original and reinforce your restaurant’s brand.


Embroidery is one of the best ways to showcase your brand’s unique image on your uniforms. An embroidered apron, shirt or vest with your restaurant’s logo, tagline, or other can be a creative statement. In addition, you can also use embroidery to mark each employee’s uniform with his/her name. This way, there won’t be any uniform mix-ups, and your customers can put a name to your employee’s face which can help boost their interpersonal relationship. Although embroidery can be expensive as it is more time-consuming, many businesses that provide uniform personalization also offer discounts on bulk orders.


Although many businesses believe that prints are a cheaper branding alternative, they aren’t the most efficient option for uniform branding. A print can lose some its colour with each washing cycle. And considering how uniforms are washed frequently, this means that prints will gradually deteriorate. As a result, you will need to purchase new uniforms as faded prints do not look very presentable. On the other hand, embroidery can withstand the wash-and-wear cycles that uniforms go through. An embroidered apron will maintain its colour and appeal no matter how often you wash it.


tie and apron

If your uniform allows the use of accessories, this is a great opportunity to add some personality. Something as using designer ties in the colour of your logo or interior can add a much-needed refreshment to a drab uniform without straying too much from the formal look. If you’re running a modern restaurant and want your staff to look edgy and youthful, ties made from unconventional materials such as leather or wood may be the perfect accessories. Plus, these ties are much easier to keep clean than traditional fabric ties. On the other hand, if you’re running an upscale restaurant, silk ties can perfectly match the posh setting.

Apron Straps

bib apron with strap

If your uniforms include aprons, you can flavour them up with straps in your brand’s unique colours or some other hues of your choosing. For instance, you can try to match the uniforms with your interior by picking apron straps that are in the colour of the furniture or the venue’s walls. Similarly, if you cater to families and children, you can go for colours that pop and signal fun, like for instance yellow or red. You can even pick a more fashionable design, like for instance panther print or herringbone and inject some modern vibes into the basic uniform. A good idea is to have several types of straps which you can switch up occasionally and quickly refresh your staff’s uniforms.