Every year we are the witnesses of fashion changes: changes in trendy colours, styles, what’s in and what’s out for the season. This makes us get an immediate sense of need to go on a shopping spree and give our wardrobe a makeover. While we pay so much attention to our clothing choices, along with all the busy day to day lives we lead, little do we realise our face may also require a makeover. Though you might try and incorporate a healthy diet and a workout session every now and then (thumbs up if you persist on having a daily exercise schedule), all the stress, insufficient intake of water and our surroundings with the air pollution can take their toll on our skin.

Applying make-up can serve as a concealer, but in some cases not enough. Besides, there is no point in piling up more covering on your face, when your skin is screaming for some freshening up. If you have also started seeing some lines and wrinkles here and there that you certainly want to get rid of, first thing that might come to your mind would be botox, but who has the time and money celebrities have? Plus, the sight of injections does not look so appealing to everyone. The treatment that offers the solution to your skin problems is microdermabrasion facial treatment.


Since technology affects just about every aspect of life, microdermabrasion is also not left aside. The use of the latest technology makes for a painless and relaxing cleaning. The microdermabrasion facial treatment, known as hydrabrasion as well, is the skin cleaning process that consists of two steps of exfoliation with the use of a diamond tip attached to a vacuum-cleaner-like machine. During the first step, dead skin is removed and pores are unclogged, whereas in the next step it is all thoroughly washed as water flushes every pore.

The deep cleaning results in clear pores so the surface is smooth, it considerably reduces the lines and wrinkles and even makes scars fade away. It is as effective as the ancient old tradition of scrubbing in Turkish hamams, but without the pain. Once the process is done and the dry skin layer is removed, the result is a clear, smooth complexion; all of this without the use of chemicals. To maintain your perfect skin look, you will have to remember to clean and exfoliate your face. Beware of microdermabrasion kits for home because if not used properly they can do more harm than good, so it is best to leave this matter in the hands of experts.