10000 reasons is one of those songs that you just know is going to be sung in churches across the globe. The melody and chorus will get stuck in your head for days on end. According to the experts, it is now one of the most popular songs in alternative churches to sing. It may help you to understand the song on a higher level if we go through the main themes of the song itself. Below we will go over the themes of the psalms on which 10000 reasons was based, its strengths and weaknesses.


  • The chorus itself is close to psalm 103. The main focus is about the name of god and our need to praise the lord. It sounds like he’s trying to tell us that every time we worship it should be a unique experience like none before. The chorus is telling us that going through the motions of worship is simply not enough and that we should be fully engaged spiritually when we worship the Lord.
  • The first verse doesn’t have a specific reference to a psalm but it does display a message of redeeming ourselves regardless of our circumstances. There is something to be said when it comes to us worshiping the lord to make it through the trials and tribulations life may throw at you. The main focus of this verse is to stay faithful to our lord and that we should worship him even after the tough times are behind us.
  • The second verse is when we here that 10000 reasons line as it makes us want to deepen our journey of thoughts and feelings to discover each and every way in which God loves us. These lines make us think about how praising the Lord will never stop because he is so good toward us. Each day we should try to discover something new that God has given us that is worthy of our praise.
  • The third verse focuses on the frailty of humanity. There are only so many songs in this genre that bring us face to face with our mortality, death, and eternity. This song shifts from love to death, and then the final point is that even after we are gone we will not stop praising and worshiping the Lord.

This is definitely one of Matt Redman’s best songs, which warms the heart and shows us God’s greatness and glory. The strengths of this song are that it focuses on the character of a loving God, and prepares us for the inevitable suffering and death. It also sheds new light and teaches us that there are too many characteristics of our God for us to discover, so worshiping him will always be endless.

If there are any weaknesses to this song, that will be the fact that the actions refer to the singer and the attributes in the song refer to God. This is usually not a problem, but most worship leaders will want to use songs that only reflect on God’s actions and attributes solely. Overall, this song is a great worship song that most of us will really enjoy singing. The melody is beautiful and it is based on psalm. Matt Redman has done a great job on getting us to focus on the goodness and greatness of God by urging us to worship him no matter if were doing well or going through hard times.