Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t happy about getting old. It’s not just the wrinkles and fine lines that seem frightening it’s also the thought of losing strength and becoming helpless to even carry on with the simplest of daily activities.

Thankfully, we live in a time of technology, so we can rely on certain means to make life easier for the elderly. Whether because of some health condition, be it stroke, or arthritis, weakness in muscles or joint pain, something as simple as sitting down and standing up can become a burden and lead to more pain and stress.

To avoid this, there are many stylish and practical therapeutic chairs that can be of help. The variety is great, so there isn’t the one chair to suit everyone, and you can choose based on the user’s lifestyle plus the space available in the home.

The elderly who spend a lot of time sitting would do well with therapeutic chairs with powerlift design. There are also specific features that would come in handy, like single motor foot raise, battery backup system for when power fails, and recline for infinite positioning, depending on the preferences.


When out going for walks or shopping, some individuals have difficult time staying on their feet for long which is where folding cane seats prove to be useful. Just unfold them, and you get chairs anywhere anytime perfect for a break from the walk.

Bending can be equally annoying, and whether it is picking up something or gripping the electric plug, there are suitable aids assisting with both: the helping hand, and the electric plugs with handles. Helping hands are ideal for getting a hold of things that are far to reach too.

When there’s difficulty with gripping, there are several special aids as the ideal investment: from enlarged tap fittings, and grippers for opening jars, to key turners.

Sight is often at the mercy of ageing making even the smallest of activities such as using the remote to switch channels daunting. Thank God for large-button remote controls! It applies to hearing as well, and apart from hearing aids, a doorbell amplifier also turns out to be essential.

Latest technology makes life even better with the voice-activated assistants, available in many sizes with different properties that are multi-purpose and can handle various tasks, serving as radios for playing music, reading news and weather reports.

Old age can be enjoyable when there is the right help at the right time.