No matter how hard you look, I am pretty sure that finding a person that doesn’t get an instant headache from the mere mention of moving day is impossible. From organizingall the items in different categories and choosing appropriate boxes, up to packing them – every single task requires a lot of time and atention to detail. If only there was a simple solution to all of this. Oh wait, there is – a removalist company. Now, even though they will do all the packing and heavy lifting, you still can a save a couple of bucks removal materials, which can be cheaper if you go out and buy them yourself. However, a fair and decent company will offer you the best solution and help you buy all the needed materials and even deliver them to you before the packing, so you can be assured they are of good quality. In this article, we will go through the basic removal materials that you will need while you conduct your moving.

Packing MaterialsPacking Paper

To wrap up those fragile objects such as glasses, plates you will need packing paper. You can use it freely on all your fragile items as to ensure they will have a safe trip. At the end, if you still have some paper left, stick it between the items so they crumple up and take the unnecessary bumps.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble WrapFor me personally, a bubble wrap is the most important part of the removal materials. We all want to pop the bubble wrap (even though you say it is annoying – Liar!), and the protection that it offers is pretty important. Just before you move, wrap anything that is breakable such as your priced Chinese vase and antique glasses! Once everything is packed and ready you can continue popping, woo-hoo!

Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is used for items that you want to protect from things like dirt, water and dust. This refers mostly to the different pieces of furniture. Because the stretch wrap is sticky, it can also be used for bundling odd shaped items together.

Packing Labels

Labelling is always a good thing, trust me it can save you dozens of headaches. While you put labels on your items, you can make a list and sort the items for your movers. Later, the unpacking will be so easy and quick that you will do it in a jiffy.


If everything you have is neatly packed, packing can seem fun experience. A lot of moving companies will help you sort the items, and even help you find the right removal materials at good reliable prices, thus making the process even easier.