If kitchen is your favourite place in the house, you need to equip it with new, modern small electrical appliances that will not only enhance the quality of cooking, but also the quality of lifestyle for you and the entire family. Believe it or not, these kitchen gadgets have the power to bring about a change to the kitchen interior and functionality.

Now the question is, which of these ‘gadgets’ do you need and how to choose the best ones? Hopefully, this simple guide we have prepared will help you make the right selection of small electrical appliances to stock your kitchen with. Enjoy!


Coffee Maker

If you agree that coffee is the elixir of energy and vitality, then you must get a quality coffee maker that will satisfy all your coffee needs. Having your own coffee maker at home will significantly cut off your monthly expenses on ‘coffee to-go’ when rushing to work. Also, this versatile appliance is the perfect solution for multiple-coffee preparation for guests.

Purchase recommendation: Look for a programmable coffee maker that features self-cleaning and keeps the coffee hot for at least two hours after brewing. This means you can easily program it to brew the coffee right before you wake up, so that you can have your first morning coffee hot and fresh.

Toaster Oven

Having a toaster oven on your kitchen countertop is the smartest way to reheat last-night’s dinner leftovers and make them a yummy breakfast the morning after. Buying a cutting-edge toaster oven with advanced features will not only work as a standard toaster oven, but will also offer you all the benefits of a conventional oven, meaning that you can use this smart kitchen appliance for preparing roast Brussels sprouts or maybe your favourite lamb-chops recipe. All in all, being equipped with a quality toaster oven is a win-win combination.

Purchase recommendation: Look for a toaster oven that offers the following options: reheating, broiling, baking and roasting. Also, make sure it is easy to clean. A toaster oven that features a pull-out crumb tray is definitely a big plus.


If planning to start a healthier lifestyle, a juicer is the right (small) kitchen appliance you need. Owning a super-nutritious juicer is the healthiest way to start the day and stay hyperactive until ‘bed o’clock’. And let’s not forget, fresh, green juices which literally do miracles for your skin. Hence, make space on the countertop for a quality juicer.

Purchase recommendation: Look for a juicer with a super-powerful motor to fully rely on this appliance when it comes to meeting all your (family) juicing needs. Furthermore, make sure the juicer is dishwasher safe. You can find all these characteristics at one place for less than $100.