For all of those who like to pink up their day, better times are coming. Today, more and more people are willing to take a better look at the world through the pink-coloured glasses and just enjoy their colourful life. If you have been wondering why almost everyone seems to be going crazy over Rose, once considered a cheap and lousy grocery store wine, take a look at why pink wine is becoming so endowed with success.

Better Quality

There were times when pink wine was created simply as a byproduct of red wine and it was too sugar-sweet to be considered as a serous thing by devoted wine lovers. Those days are far behind, especially with the rise of winemakers that are concentrating exclusively on the production of fine pink wine, which is worthy of thorough exploration, discussion and attention. Ever since pink wine has broken up with the unused juice category, its quality has improved significantly and therefore its popularity. Through the rise of pink wine, one might argue that things can only go up whenever a matter is given full consideration.


More Affordable

The majority of pink wines are not pricy, you can find great pink wines for under $15. This is why so many people choose pink wines for family celebrations and love the fact that you get to pay so little for a tasty wine that can give a rather classy feel to any evening gathering. There are certainly higher priced pink wines on the market and they are surely worth exploring, since the doubled price speaks about the time and effort spent in the making.

Extremely Food Friendly

Apart from affordability, there is also the fact that pink wine has the ability to be in the perfect middle ground when it comes to food pairing. This is also a big factor that has influenced the growing popularity of pink wines. Pink wine can be so easily paired with a whole range of different food varieties due to the fact that it incorporates amazing qualities of both red and white wine. Pink wines are a nice way to enjoy rich red wine flavours combined with the lightness of white wines. These wines let you truly taste the meal, they do not overpower it, and you can choose from a great variety of sweeter or more sour pink wines, or try both and decide what suits your palate best.

Inexpensive, tasty and food friendly, pink wines are becoming the new ‘wine and dine’ craze and there is only one way to go from here – up!