If you are the fashion girl I think you are, then you probably have a big collection of bags sitting in your closet, waiting to be stylishly incorporated in some of your stylish looks. But how many times have you found yourself staring at your clothes, wondering what are you missing to make that great outfit you pulled together more appealing and unique? Never thought that a handbag could do that, have you?

The thing is, no matter how many handbags you have, it is all in vain if you do not own the essential ones that go well with different outfits and are appropriate for different occasions. Every woman’s favourite part of the season is the time when there is a huge women handbags sale, but sometimes, you may come across a bag you fall in love with instantly, and that kind of attraction simply cannot be disregarded. In that case, you should think about whether that particular piece is worth the money and if yes, why not treat yourself? You definitely deserve a bag that will make you feel like you can conquer the world. And who says you can’t? Take a look at the 7 types of handbags that you need to have in your closet to say goodbye to the sweet problems of having nothing to wear.


  1. Classic Black Bag

    A woman can never go wrong with a classic black bag. From work to school, shopping, interviews and meetings, this bag fits any occasion perfectly. Moreover, just like a little black dress, the classic black bag never goes out of fashion. You know what you should do.

  2. Day Wristlet

    For those occasions that you do not want to carry with you a large bag but still need to have your essentials, a day wristlet bag is the ideal solution. It is a great choice for those quick stops to convenient stores.

  3. Casual Crossbody

    Every woman should have a crossbody bag in their closet. It is versatile, convenient and makes the perfect choice for brunch dates and shopping sprees as leave your hands free for holding your so much loved coffee to go.

  4. The Clutch

    A night out on a fancy gala, you in your favourite long dress, your new high heels, your hair up and of course, a beautiful clutch in your hand. The perfect look. You do enjoy all these fancy things, don’t you? Such a cosmopolitan girl.

  5. Pop of Colour Bag

    Try something a little different by adding a pop of colour to brighten up your look. According to experts, bright colours have the power to lift your mood and make you happier. And for days when you do not feel like thinking too much about your outfit choice and want to go all black, just take your colourful bag and you are all set.

  6. The Weekender

    A weekend getaway! It sounds pretty good and it feels just amazing. So to make this so much needed time off even more enjoyable you definitely would not want to bother packing all those unnecessary stuff. No no. In this case, the weekender bag is your savior. So, take advantage of the holidays women handbags sale to find an oversized bag that will make you feel chic and confident while traveling.

  7. The Stylish Backpack

    If you think that backpacks are just for school, you should think again. Aside from being incredibly functional and comfortable, the right choice of a backpack can also serve as a stylish fashion accessory.

Different styles of bags keep coming and going. So, instead of buying a new bag as the trend changes, your smartest bet is to invest in some of these all-time popular and trendy bags and you will have a piece for every occasion that will match different outfits.