Though ageing is a natural process we all have to go through, it can be scary, especially when you’re a woman and society bombards you with the forever-young look. Instead of stressing over it, or should I say over every wrinkle and grey hair, it’s time we embraced it with pride.

Though the face is usually at the spotlight, the closet is as well, and I know of many women who have envisioned ageing as the period of wearing baggy outfits – it’s far from that. If you want to look your age, and still feel unique and great in your skin, remember, you can wear age-appropriate dresses.

Right now, while writing this, I have the image of summer dresses for middle aged women in mind, speaking of contemporary elegance that leaves the space for freshness when combined with some stylish heels and accessories. No bagginess, no tightness, but a design with seamless flow that shows off your beauty every step you make.

summer dresses for middle aged woman

It’s about wearing something in the right fit that’s flattering! Along with summer dresses for middle aged women there are other pieces a woman should have like the chiffon pants that say comfort as much as they say chic. Baggy isn’t the only worry outfit-wise, I’ve also come across women who choose to wear dull colours, saying bright is best left for the young.

Everyone needs a bit of colour, and a few bright pieces won’t just lighten up your closet but your life too. Don’t be afraid to choose prints and florals in bold hues since you can easily mix them up with darker pieces and get a stylish outcome.

While excessive cleavage is tacky so is wearing oversized sweaters. Instead, give your world a twist with some striped sweaters, or make use of layering with the help of unusual cuts. Add to that a hat or some chic necklace and you’re ready to shine.

When it comes to denims, you might have the impression it’s another no-no. It can’t be further from the truth, however you have to stay away from anything that’s too trendy, like skinny, low-rise and torn, and choose dark boot-cut in turn – you’ll love the look and wouldn’t have trouble breathing wearing them!

Hair accessories don’t have to be excluded either, but you have to pick them carefully, remembering as long as it’s subtle and not overly girly and pinkish it’s good to put it on. With ageing comes more confidence so don’t be afraid to show that off!