You’ve probably seen groundskeepers around public places using a machine to cut the grass that doesn’t resemble the traditional lawn mowers. Well, that piece of equipment is called a brush cutter, also known as a strimmer. This piece of equipment can be used to cut large areas of grass, cut brushes, small trees and undergrowth. However, its usage has long since spread across a lot of residencies, and it is a frequently bought and used gardening tool.

Brush Cutter

Before purchasing one, know that not all brush cutters are made the same – there are models that are used by groundskeepers, which are the better and thus more expensive option, but you can also find cheap brush cutters for sale which are primarily used by homeowners. Depending on where and how often you’ll use the brush cutter, there are a few things to consider.

Which Size Should You Pick?

This isn’t much of an issue for people who want to use a brush cutter for their porch or garden. However, if you’re a professional who needs to use it for prolonged time periods on frequent basis, then the size is something to consider. A strong and big engine usually adds to the weight. Granted, you’ll cut through grass easier, but it will also tire you faster. The key is finding balance between power and size so that you can get the job done in a timely fashion, without exhausting yourself.

How Versatile Do You Need it To Be?

If the work you’re doing is on medium or small estate, hedges, small trees or a rural garden filled with bushes, a medium range brush cutter is the ideal choice. You can switch the heads on it depending whether you’re cutting tough vegetation or grass. These brush cutters are versatile, comfortable and easy to use. Speaking of versatility, onto the next point to consider.

Accessories That Make Cutting More Convenient and Safer

You can choose from various accessories which add to the versatility, functionality and comfort when using it. If you’re using a cordless version, an extra set of batteries and an adequate battery charger is a must. A basic harness can make the grass cutter easier to carry around and hang on storage. Advanced harnesses help distribute the weight of the grass cutter evenly. Another important safety feature are protective trousers which will protect you against sharp objects like chopped wood.

Bottom line is, brush cutters are an amazing, versatile tool that can reach places where traditional lawn mowers can’t. You can find cheap brush cutters for sale online or in hardware stores, but before you do so, bear in mind the above-mentioned things. After carefully considering your needs you can best decide what size, motor power and accessories you need to get the job done.