Today’s modern lifestyle comes with a great deal of convenience. You can literally socialize, work and be entertained without leaving your comfort zone. But, no matter how good it may seem, this kind of lifestyle still has its own downsides, especially when it comes to your health. Yes, I bet you feel very comfortable sitting in that modern office chair, but spending more than eight hours doing that can cause some very serious health conditions such as diabetes, depression and heart disease. So, if you think that there is nothing much you can do about it, I assure you there is a solution. For example, if you buy standing desk for your office, you can significantly lower the risk of these health conditions. So, how is that possible?

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This single piece of furniture can really make a difference in your overall well-being as it helps you maintain a good posture, thus improve your mood throughout the day. According to science, standing releases endorphins – the hormone which is “guilty” for the feeling of euphoria. However, standing the entire working day is also not recommended. The best thing about standing desks is that they also give you the option to switch from a sitting to a standing position any time your body needs it. Here are some other great health benefits that standing desks provide.

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Improve productivity – Working while maintaining a good posture will make you more productive. A study conducted in a call center involved two groups – one group was using standing desks during their workday, while the other was working in a sitting position. The “standing desk” group was generally more productive than the “seated” one for about 45%. This productivity increased over time and reached 54% in the next six months. So, if you want to complete all your daily tasks much easier, buy standing desk to get the job done faster.

Reduce back and neck pain – Without a doubt, this is the most common health issue among people who spend a lot of time sitting. So, a better posture leads to reduced back and neck pain and using an ergonomic standing desk will certainly help this. In one study, the participants were asked to reduce their sitting time for one hour per day. In just four weeks, they experienced less back and neck pain for about 54%. So, if you’re still hesitating whether you need a standing desk or not, keep in mind this number.

Boost energy levels – Believe it or not, working on a standing desk can increase your energy levels – it will make you feel more energized while also reducing the feeling of fatigue throughout the day. This is due to the fact that standing enables a better blood flow and as e result, there is more oxygen coming to your muscles. Because of this, you will feel less tired and more pumped up.