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Camping is all about enjoying nature and keeping things as simple as possible. This is paramount in order to have more time to explore the surrounding and create fun memories with your crew. Aside from having a pop-up tent (great due to its ease of use) and some other important basic camping essentials, you also shouldn’t


The entry door is the first thing that your guests get to see and touch. At such, it can speak volumes about your home and you. Sure, your entire house is noticeable, but the front door tells an entire story on its own.

Tired of the old mouldy and smelly shower curtain? Why not drop it finally and get yourself a sleek modern shower door? Even though it may be a more expensive investment than a shower curtain initially, a screen is a low-maintenance addition to your bathroom that has the potential to last for years to come,

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Outdoor activities are a great way to get some fresh air and exercise to stay healthy. And they can be fun to, especially when it comes to doing something you love. If you’ve given thumbs up to fishing, then you’re in for quite the experience. Not only is it exciting, but you also engage all

modern bedroom with black and pink details

When designing a bedroom, all main considerations have to do with the bed. And headboards have always been the key feature of various bed designs, but in the past few years, their popularity is growing due to the new, modern designs coming in many different styles, colours and materials. A headboard gives you an opportunity

bedroom with brown pillows and bedding and with wood hook on the wall

Placing a wall hanger or a coat hook in one’s home or office is a necessity, but not all necessities are boring. Instead, you can give it a fashionable look by using decorative wall hangers as a discrete stylish statement. Modern wall hooks are versatile and can be used as visually powerful accessories for both

Garden Sheds for Australian Weather

Garden sheds are simple roofed structures, usually installed in the backyards of residential properties and they come in different sizes and shapes.

Living room with reclaimed floor and table

They say that history has a tendency to repeat itself, and when it comes to interior design, it is a good thing. According to the latest decorating trends, vintage accents, rustic vibes and industrial-style details are back in business. So, you may wonder what do all these trends have in common and how to get

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For many of us, sorting out everything we have lying around at home and it the yard is an issue due to lack of storage space. Therefore, more often than not, clutter becomes something we get used to, without realising how negatively it can affect one’s quality of life. That being said, if there’s one

For many of us, the word “summer” evokes feelings of lightheartedness, playfulness, and joy. The care-free beach walks, the refreshing swimming sessions, the cheerful bird songs, and all the juicy summer fruits seem to make life much easier during the warmest months of the year. It’s no wonder summertime is many people’s favourite season. If