G’day, fellow camper! If you’re anything like me and like to camp with the family, you know you can never have enough space. That’s why adding an annex to your caravan can be a game-changer. Not only does it provide extra room to spread out, but it also offers a bit of privacy for those

gray interior design

If there’s one elegant interior trend that’s not going away anytime soon, it has to be the grey colour palette. Even though some people put it in the category of “boring”, grey is in fact an incredibly versatile colour that comes in shades that complement every style.

Well organised bathroom with minimalistic vanity lights

Bathroom vanity lights are a crucial part of any well-lit bathroom and offer effective and appealing task lighting. These fixtures are available in a variety of styles and shapes that complement the look of your bathroom. This makes them both stylish and functional elements, much like modern wall hooks. Vanity wall lighting in particular deserves special

wool rug

For hundreds of years, rugs made of wool have been known for their high quality and resilience. Being synonymous with luxury, they are still a very popular rug choice for households, as well as in the construction and hotel industries. Whether you’re thinking about buying a statement rug for your new property or replacing the

A storage shed helps you organise everything you want to keep outside your house. Think the lawnmower, hoses, weed killers, and other lawn-care necessities such as dirty equipment, gardening tools, etc. But choosing the right storage shed for your home requires considering a few important factors.

Office with vinyl flooring

Commercial facilities see a lot of foot traffic, which means the floor is really put to the test. That said, the flooring in these places needs to be durable and able to go through a lot without getting damaged. On that note, commercial vinyl floors have the characteristics required by a floor in places where

outdoor fire pit

An outdoor firepit transforms your backyard into a relaxing hideaway where you can unwind, listen to the crickets’ chirp, and gaze up at the stars with your family and friends while being warmed by the fire. But do you how many different kinds of fire pits are available at the stores? Fire pits come in

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or plan to stay in it for generations, there are endless ways to bring your kitchen into the modern era with the new interior trends, showcasing the creative use of colours, modern appliances, and functional design.

retail store flooring

Vinyl is a material that is frequently used as a flooring choice for commercial spaces. Since these spaces often see a lot of foot traffic and abuse, a durable material is needed to withstand all that, and research has shown that vinyl flooring performs better than other materials in heavy traffic areas. The versatility of

Houseplants are a timeless trend in home design. They’re pleasant to look at, they make your space appear bigger and serve as beautiful decorations. On the other hand, many of them come with stylish modern planters that also serve as gorgeous décor elements. If you want to beautify your indoor space with plants, there’s one