We often pride on how advanced our society is but we don’t exactly spend time actually appreciating all the inventions as we should unless we find ourselves in a situation where we need the exact thing we lack. For instance, let’s imagine two scenes. First one is you crossing the well lit street at night

Eames Reproduction Furniture

If you are someone who loves furniture and good quality pieces then you have certainly heard of Eames. Now they have really made their mark on the furniture world with some great quality pieces, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to fill their homes with their stuff. While the average Joe could probably buy one

Modern dining sets

It has become kind of a boring association to connect summer with the beach every time someone mentions it. Yes, summer is all about the three S: sun, sand and sea, but this wonderful weather season delivers other beautiful possibilities as well, like creating an outdoor dining room where you can enjoy summer nights with

navy blue wallpaper

It is only natural to want some changes in your home every now and then so you don’t find yourself in a stage of monotony. However, if your worry is the cost and time you will have to invest, you can rest assured you don’t need to hire designers or have one’s skills to spark

Not everybody knows the interesting story of linoleum flooring. In this world linoleum arrived as a happy accident. The year was 1861 when a linseed oil oxidised and created the first flooring of this type. It wasn’t until the modern ages (past the 50s) when linoleum started to become more and more popular. Even today,

Garden Equipment

While gardening certainly makes a great hobby, this amazing activity is definitely much more than just a way to fullfil your free time. It is a creative process that needs both time and dedication. But let’s be honest, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your plants grow and thrive. Plus, nothing can be more

Bedroom Suite

Your bedroom is a place that you spend a lot of time in, even if it is just sleeping. Most of you probably do a lot more than that, like read books, finish work, talk to your partner, kick back and watch T.V, and so much more. This is why it is so important to

pink wallpaper for walls

Yes I know, pink reminds you of childish cartoons, Barbie dolls, cotton candy and all things fun and adorable, making the idea of decorating your rooms with pink wallpapers (or pink wall paint for that matter) a complete nonsense. But, let’s take a look at this idea from a more mature perspective: pink colour actually

Wondering what’s the best window treatment to choose for your home? Basswood plantation shutters are both – a beautiful and practical addition to any home’s interior. This casually elegant window treatment has the power to give any room a more complete look, which explains it why it is the favourite choice among homeowners and interior

Curtain Online

Many people find decorating and furnishing their home a difficult and often stressful task. While it is true that the whole process requires careful planning as well as organizing both your time and money, with a little bit of dedication and inspiration, everything can be achieved. The best way to create a stylish and sophisticated