women and man wearing polar fleece

One of the most important pieces of ‘equipment’ on your farm is your body. And like the rest of your farm equipment, you need to ensure your body is protected and functions properly. Since life on an Australian ranch  includes various different activities and dirty work, you need comfortable and durable apparel. For this reason,


Quality sunglasses, like Bolle, that thick all the boxes: they look good on you, they complement your style, they offer great protection etc.; are neither easy to find nor are they a cheap investment.

They say “good shoes take you to good places”, and it’s true. They play an essential role in every outfit, meaning they can quickly make or break your look. From running errands to attending a formal occasion, every man should own a few essential pairs. Loafers Spring season is the perfect time to ditch long

cough syrup

When it comes to cough medicine there are many questions people want to know the answer to. What’s available, what are the different types of cough medicine, should you take anything over-the-counter? There are two types of over-the-counter cough medicine and cough syrups – cough suppressants and oral expectorants. However, many over-the-counter medicines can be

ramp for disabled person

The way standard homes are built and designed makes it hard to move around as a wheelchair user. When you need to take care of the elderly, to recover from injury, or deal with a permanent condition, the home should be adjusted to be wheelchair accessible. Some adaptations can be done with a small effort

Wearing high heels and low guilty shoes for a long period can be harmful to your body. If you are experiencing foot pain, low back, neck and shoulder pain, this might mean that your shoes are disrupting the natural form of your body. To ease the pain, start considering arch support shoes as a new

When we hear the word French, one of the first things that come to mind is the Frech beauty. French women are well known for their dewy skin, perfectly flushed pout and effortless elegance that seem to emanate from their pores. So, why not try to use beauty and skincare products from the country to

womens slide shoes

Whenever I want to emphasise how every woman is special in her own unique way, I point out to shoes since this parallel never lets me down – I’ve never been in a room with two women wearing the same model and colour of shoes. Also, the way in which they make a powerful duo

sukin for sensitive skin

It’s in women’s nature to think about the health and the appearance of their skin. Although there are some who really don’t pay that much attention to their skin, a great number do, and a lot. With the high number of new promising serums, face creams and moisturisers, sometimes finding the right one for your

akubra 2

The language Australians use is definitely different from the rest of the English-speaking world. So, what other Anglophones may refer to as a wide-brimmed felt hat, many Aussies simply call it an “Akubra”. But the Akubra isn’t just any wide-brimmed hat. It’s a significant part of the outback culture and as iconic as boomerangs, Vegemite,