insurance cover

If you own a business, you naturally want to take measures in its best interest. A good insurance model will protect your business from any damages and unforeseen circumstances. However, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for in the vast ocean of options that are available. This is where an insurance broker can greatly

Many entrepreneurs today laugh at the idea of promoting a business via direct mail. Hasn’t e-mail killed and buried the old-fashioned mail star already? Hmm, quite the contrary, I must say. Tell me, how many of you open those pesky advertisement e-mails you get every day? And even if you do want to check them

Invest in property

Most of you know what an SMSF is, but for those of you who don’t it is a self managed super fun that is a superannuation scheme. It is set up to provide retirement income for the people who are tied to the fund. It is basically a trust where the beneficiaries are also the


As much as an SMSF may look attractive as an option for investing in your golden era, it isn’t without risks. Just like any other investment made, the SMSF also comes with some unpleasant situations attached. That being said, you need to get fully familiarized with the entire set of information in order to avoid

An SMSF is a complex structure that is based upon providing financial remuneration to its members for their retirement days. The primary difference between other funds and an SMSF is that here the trustees have special functions and obligations in regard to the fund. Whenever you decide to invest in your retirement days and set

SMSF Lending

Up until recently SMSFs were not able to lend money for purchasing certain investments like shares or property. However, with the changes in superannuation laws since 2007, it is now possible for an SMSF to borrow money in order to fund property investments, provided that they follow a strict set of rules. The arrangement which