Do you want to get rid of your Volkswagen’s engine lag and unlock its hidden potential? There are many ways to improve your engine’s performance, the most affordable one being installing a throttle controller. Until a few decades ago, the only direct contact you had with your engine was through the gas pedal. Well, the

A Brief History of Transport Starting in ancient Mesopotamia at around 3500BC, the first instances of the wheel pop up. Not used for transport at first, the wheel’s main purpose was spinning clay for the making of pottery. In the following 300 years, the wheel gained an axel, started spinning easier on the ground and

mitsubishi triton mq bullbar

A big and hefty vehicle like the Mitsubishi Triton is capable of going through rough terrain and challenging conditions easily. Like all 4x4s though, the Triton isn’t full proof when it comes to front body protection. That is why people equip their vehicles with what is known as a bullbar. A bullbar is usually a

honda rear brake pads

Every vehicle has two pairs of brakes which are available as two different types. Usually brakes that make use of a pad are found on the front two tires but sometimes manufacturers put them on the rear. The rear brake pads on your Honda, much like the ones on the front do the same operation

DC 12V to AC 240V power inverter

When you have electrical appliances in your 4×4, whether it’s a laptop, fridge-freezer, oven or anything else that requires electricity to operate, you’re going to need a power inverter to convert the DC from your car’s battery or solar panels into usable AC power. Power inverters play a crucial role in the electronic world, and

Renault Master Van 2010 mirror

Side mirrors are one of the most important parts on your Renault which enable you to enjoy full awareness of your surroundings and thus, drive safely. Without a working side mirror, even the most simple of maneuvers that most of us take for granted, like switching lanes, can become dangerous. Driving without two functional side

There are multiple factors to consider when buying an aftermarket exhaust system in order to get the best in performance. ‘Mandrel-bent’ and ‘turbo-back’ are just some of the phrases used to describe a performance exhaust system. But in order for your new Hilux exhaust to keep working at it’s best, the material from which it

tools for motorbikes 2

One of the best ways to get the most out of the joy of having a motorcycle and saving some money down the road is regularly maintaining it . However, unless you’re a mechanic or has some experience on this matter, chance are you won’t know which tools you’ll need. For that very reason, I’ve

fixing car

As time goes by, less and less people are invested in their vehicles the way they were back in the old days. They care less and less about understanding them, but that’s to be somewhat expected, as larger portions of modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex, and there’s more electronics and computers than

Whether you’re working on a restoration project, or you just got a brand new vehicle, most issues can be fixed in your home’s garage. Of course, granted that you have some basic automotive tools at hand for the particular maintenance tasks you need to perform. Working on your own car can save you time and