Wine experts have found your perfect wine match. Let’s raise a glass to that.


Your Drink: Orange Wine

The reason: You are unique. In a world of red and white wines, you prefer to go for the equally standout ‘orange’.

Although considered a white wine, an orange wine is produced like a red one, hence the colour and its tart flavour, which is packed with tannins.

The innovative way this wine is produced matches perfectly with your way in appreciating original things.


You Drink: Barolo

The reason: You are a kind of person who understands that perfection can’t be rushed. And let’s be honest: you appreciate the finer things in life when possible which makes this old-world wine perfect for you.

Often referred to as “The King of Wines”, Barolo needs to be aged for three year before it is sold. The 3-year period is necessary so the wine’s spicy, fruit flavour can be released.

Like you, Barolo ages well. Experts say the most popular vintages were bottled back in the 1990’s.


Your Drink: Chenin Blanc

The reason: Routine really bores you and you like to experience all life has to offer. Simply said, you need a wine that is versatile as your preferences.

Chenin Blanc is a refreshing wine that has honey, apple and orange blossom flavours. It can pair great with anything from pork chops to sushi.


Your Drink: Zinfandel

The reason: A person born in the sign of cancer is known to have a though exterior, but once you get to know him/her, you will find that he/she is one of the kindest, most welcoming person in the world.

A Zinfandel wine is just like that. Once you open the bottle and take a sip, all you will taste is alcohol. But if you give it a half an hour to decant, its berry and licorice flavours will come out along with a warmth that will last long after your final sip.


Your Drink: Sparkling wine

The reason: You are all about living and celebrating the good life. Hence there is no other wine for you.

A glass of bubbly perfectly matches your outgoing personality.


Your Drink: Pinot Noir

The reason: Virgos are purists who put close attention to details, and that’s exactly how Pinot Noir wines are produced.

The Pinot Noir grapes are delicate and can die very easily. This requires growers to be focused on ensuring the condition is just right, so the vineyard can flourish and light bodied wines are produced to be enjoyed the whole year.


Your Drink: Riesling

The reason: This wine perfectly reflect the Libra’s ability to get along with anyone.

While many think of Riesling as a sweet wine, it actually pairs well with basically anything, even with spicy foods, which conflict with most wines. Riesling wines are the ‘can’t go wrong’ choice for whatever is on the menu.


Your Drink: Cabernet Sauvignon

The reason: You are a kind of person who never disappoints. And a Cabernet Sauvignon is just like you.

While people cannot exactly pinpoint what makes you so obsessed with this tobacco-and-cherry flavoured wine, they just know Scorpions are hooked.


Your Drink: Shiraz

The reason: You love connecting with people, and this Australian wine’s unique flavour gives you exactly that opportunity.

Shiraz is a rich bodied wine that has wild black fruit taste and a hint of black pepper spice. One sip, and you will want to share it with everyone around.


Your Drink: Bordeaux

The reason: The Taylor Swift quote “We never go out of style”, perfectly applies to your wine.

Bordeaux is a classic for a reason. And only a person who values quality and consistency understands that. You are confident that every bottle of Bordeaux you buy will have a reliable full-bodied, oak flavour.


Your Drink: Biodynamic wine

The reason: You are known for your humanitarian and progressive views. You are open to try new things, so if you haven’t tried a biodynamic wine yet, you should.

Made under strict farming practices, turned to sustainability, this wine has a pungent, tart flavour that is similar to a sour beer. Biodynamic wines are best enjoyed if chilled in the fridge for 30 minutes.


Your Drink: Petillant-Naturel wine

The reason: You hate being labeled; you simply do what you like. That’s the reason why your wine keeps others guessing.

Unlike Champagne, Petillant-Naturel isn’t as aggressive and has no sugar added, which gives the wine a tart, zesty flavour and that fun, free spirit you have.