extra wide width shoes mens

Though we hear of sedentary life being the norm nowadays, there are still days where you just can’t get any rest as you end up running errands most of the day, so there’s no in between; it happens even to those of us who are proud couch potatoes.

Little do we know how much all of this is taking its toll on our feet until certain aches and pains appear. Worst of all is when you have wide feet and you’re wearing the wrong shoes that lead you to discomfort to say the least, let alone issues like corns and bunions.

Along with getting in the habit of massaging your feet after a long day, yes, you too men, it’s also important to buy the adequate women’s and mens extra wide casual shoes for that needed extra wide fit, support and comfort. Though it’s usually women who get shoe-related problems (think high heels!), men have them too.

Sure, men have wider feet than women, but as it happens, feet widen with age, it’s natural, and sometimes flat feet may be the cause too; whatever the case, whether it’s ageing or genetics, avoid getting shoes that are too narrow so you prevent further issues.

I know some people think the wider the shoes the more they lose in aesthetics, but it’s not true, there is a wide range of mens extra wide casual shoes and women’s that are stylish and would make the ideal addition to your day to day outfits. Remember though, it’s equally important to choose flexibility for the soles and padding instead of softness.

Additional issues arise when one of your feet is wider than the other. As much as we like to think of our bodies as symmetrical, this isn’t always the case, and instead of fretting about it or buying two different shoes for each of the feet, you can buy a pair according to the wider one.

If preferring to carry out the purchase online, make sure you know your width well. It’s advisable to look into a size chart, having in mind Australian shoe sizing for men is same as the UK charts, as for women it’s same as in the US.

In terms of width, the standard in Australia is D for men, with B being the narrow, 2E wide, and 4E extra wide, whereas B is the standard for women, D is wide, and 2E is extra wide.

Ditch the bad habits, learn how to massage your feet properly, buy the right shoes – your health will thank you for it!