I spend about 8 hours a day sitting in a very uncomfortable, unergonomic chair that takes its toll on my back. When I get home every day, instead of normally starting to prepare dinner and finish some chores around the house, I instantly crush on the bed for an hour to rest my back. The thing is, all I do at work is sit in my chair and work on the computer. I don’t lift heavy things nor do anything that requires much physical effort, so it wasn’t really clear to me where did all these pains came from. Until it hit me – it must be the chair! So I did all I thought I could at the time – found a cream that had a warm effect once rubbed on the skin. So, to ease my pain, my husband massaged me before we went to bed every night for a couple of weeks. But I figured I couldn’t rely on a cream forever. And the things is, the pain didn’t completely go away, it was just less severe. Nope, not an option – I had to get rid of it.

After doing some useful reading on the matter, I found out that my back hurts because the muscles surrounding it are tense and stressed, and sometimes even frozen ( I’m always cold, even when I’m wearing layers of clothes). Logically, the solution would be one of the following: exercise every day until I sweat the pain out of me, or visit a sauna every day; none of which was reasonably acceptable for someone like me.

So I found another, way better solution for my problem: a jade heating pad. Now this thing combines all my favourite activities in one: not exercising but laying in bed (maybe even napping a little), and a sauna-like effect by heating the back to a level that will put it into relaxation mode. Oh my God was I happy!

The jade heating pad is basically a mat that has jade stones embedded in its construction and an infrared technology to provide the heating. It doesn’t require any special conditions to work, but a wall socket for turning on the heating element. All I need to do is just place it on my bed, turn it on and lay still for a few minutes. The warmth penetrates my body and heats up my muscles which results in instant relaxation. And once relaxed from the stress and feeling well-rested, nothing seems a problem anymore: dinner, cleaning, having some guests over or even some action in the bedroom, right?

It’s important to mention here that the jade stones play a huge role in enhancing the effect of the infrared rays. They increase the intensity and the scope of the rays and therefore, allow them to deeper penetrate the body. It’s also interesting to mention that in Eastern medicine, jade stones are used for a number of health and wellness purposes because when heated, they emit micro elements which are useful for the human body: zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium, cobalt and selenium. When a combination like this one treats your body, it’s impossible not to feel good.

After I found my salvation in the form of a single pad, I have to say that I even got the desire to work out. During the time I was experiencing the dreadful back pain, exercising and lifting heavy weights was the last thing on my mind. Since I found a way to ease that pain and detoxify my organism, now I even go to the gym twice a week. And frankly? I love it!