If there’s one thing we all hate upon getting into the grown-ups world, it’s got to be paying utility bills. You start getting your own salary, thinking you’d immediately be able to start up with the savings, and then reality check – you get piles of bills waiting for you to pay them.

Thank God we live in such an innovative time, we needn’t be afraid of bills as much anymore, particularly not when it’s electricity in question. With so many options of renewable energy nowadays, it’s impossible not having going off-grid and generating your own electricity cross your mind, more so if you have a vast yard, or live in a rural area, that’s just ideal for you to install a wind turbine for home.


First, contrary to what you may think, it’s not a windy area that is the best candidate, because wind is everywhere, but it’s important to check whether there are code restrictions if you live in a residential neighbourhood, before you actually make your pick and purchase your wind turbine for home.

Then, find out about the different types of turbines available for sale, and their specifications to see what’s exactly suitable for you (ideal for remote areas, generating more heat for winter winds, installed on yachts, boats, recreational vehicles).

This includes comparing several aspects, such as power production (the amp hours) in relation with the speed of wind in your area, corrosion protection and the materials the turbines are made of (suitable for moist conditions, and salt from ocean environments), sound emission – important if you live in an noise sensitive area, and the turbine’s lifespan, as it’s crucial to have the right turbine adequate for the wind regime.

The reasons many people are deciding to go off-grid and have their own electricity with the help of wind turbines are more than evident. For one, it’s an Eco-friendly option, making it possible to cut down on the carbon footprint. Like I previously said, wind is everywhere, it’s available, and abundant, the ideal renewable natural source, and you don’t need fuel or water to generate power from it.

The second, and more appealing reason is you take matters into your own hands, you become independent (so long governments and utilities), self-reliant, in control of your own electricity. Then again, you can always pair a turbine up with solar panel systems (installing the hybrid type of turbines), and get an even more efficient and reliable energy system, something that’s most useful when going off-grid.