Some guys seem to have won the genetic lottery, they exercise for a few months and poof they transform into muscular Supermen. And then there are the not so lucky ones like us – slurping tons and tons of protein shakes, stuffing ourselves full with steak and potatoes and having intense workouts daily. Yet, no visible or tangible results. When will our hard work actually pay off?Testosterone Pill

Bodybuilders have known best for a long time that if you want to get jacked and receive fast results from your training, you should be doing everything you can to boost your testosterone levels. There are two ways you can do so. The first is to take synthetic testosterone, which is the far more dangerous choice due to the many potential side effects. And then there is the natural route to take which involves the use of testosterone pills mostly made up of different herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Supplementing your workout regime with the right testosterone pills can be the long awaited secret to bring down the barrier holding you back and release new muscle growth. They could be helpful with strength improvement and immunity boosting as much as with overcoming stress.

Some of the key benefits of choosing this natural option are:

  • improved performance rates
  • sped up muscle recovery between workouts
  • increased lean muscle mass composition
  • enhanced manly traits
  • increased libido
  • no known negative side effects

Even if your body manages to produce a large amount of testosterone, it still won’t significantly affect your workout results. The largest percent of testosterone is bound to either the sex hormone globulin or the protein albumin. In its bound state testosterone has no effect whatsoever on the body. Actually it’s the small amount of free testosterone left that makes a difference. Unfortunately, a normal healthy adult male has less than 2 % of free testosterone flowing through his veins.

Supplementing with testosterone boosters consisting of ingredients such as nettle or boron manages to free up some of the bound testosterone. The chemicals in stinging nettle are able to bind with globulin instead of testosterone, leaving more of it free to roam the body and activate during training. The way boron works in increasing free testosterone is by reducing the amount of globulin and blocking its binding effects.

Other testosterone pills manage to increase T-levels by decreasing it’s arch-nemesis – estrogen. Estrogen is the sex hormone responsible for developing feminine traits. A high concentration of it can undermine the muscle increasing effects of testosterone. In the body, the enzyme aromatase is responsible for estrogen production, sometimes even transforming testosterone into it.

Supplements based on luteolin, which can also be found in celery, are proven to be the most effective in decreasing estrogen levels by being a strong aromatase inhibitor. Stinging nettle is another effective aromatase inhibitor. Look for these ingredients on the labels of testosterone pills if you need something to hinder excessive estrogen production.

Testosterone pills are not a type of steroid or drug, but are actually a natural based booster that allows you to build more muscle, increase your self-esteem, be all around healthy and have a better life satisfaction.