2015 was an exciting year in online education. But as time goes by, many people come to the realization that online studying is way more convenient than the traditional way of studying. Why? The reasons are endless. But just to name a few – you can learn anytime you want, anywhere you want and have the chance to pass your exams whenever you feel you are ready. That is why the number of people opting out for Australian training courses is constantly on the rise. This fact can be also noticed in the great number of new courses that are frequently popping out.australia training courses

If there is something that is quite certain about the future, it’s the rise of e-learning courses. If you are planning to take one of the various online Australian training courses available, you might as well take a look at the predictions for e-learning for this year and create an effective strategy for your online course.

Gamification, Social Media and Personalized Learning

Online teaching and learning is complex and these are still its beginnings. This makes it difficult to predict with any accuracy what the next trends will be. However, experts believe that gamification will continue to be on the rise, but it should be more focused on the aspect of learning rather than on games. We will be able to also see a change in how social media are used by students and teachers as well. Services are constantly changing, and so are people’s opinion towards them. Personalized learning will also continue to thrive. Today, definitions are driven by vendors who force products to their customers that aren’t really personalized. But this year, we will see some changes and will be able to experience what true personalization looks like.

Authenticity, Access and Agency

These are the three biggest trends expected in e-learning in 2016. Educational organizations will start to recognize the necessity of students to access and participate in the world’s global learning communities. They will find additional ways for students to effectively use e-learning tools to do significant, authentic work, instead of traditional, fake, classroom assignments. Moreover, educational organizations will also keep trying to discover ways to create more interesting online Australian training courses with unique learning opportunities to keep students more engaged.

Combined Leaning, Mobile and Virtual Reality

Combined learning is nothing new, so this year will continue to dominate the e-learning scene in different ways as more variations on traditional combinations are starting to come out. Technologies such as augmented reality, will extend the potential of online courses and will enable interaction with the physical environment. As you may know, virtual reality has increased greatly over the last year, so during this year we should be able to see some really innovative applications in the e-learning field. If done right, it could have a drastically positive effect on e-learning. The increased capability of mobile devices to boost learning through multimedia consumption and creating tools will be the number one reason for the domination of mobile learning in 2016 as well.