Although BMX racing started off on off-road tracks and the first BMX bikes were especially designed for riding on dirt, nowadays, there are numerous different types of competitions that BMX bike enthusiasts participate in, including on-road racing. That being said, there are a couple of different types of BMX bikes, all of which differ from one another depending on the type of riding they’re intended for.

On-road BMX racing is one of the most adrenaline pumped sports. It’s very competitive and it was named as an Olympic sport back in 2008. Unlike the original dirt tracks, on-road racing tracks are smooth and they incorporate berms and jumpers or banked corners. The tracks are designed for up to 8 riders who ride very specifically designed SE bikes.

Se Bikes

As a general rule of thumb, BMX SE bikes are lightweight, strong and robust. They feature hard-wearing frames and 20-inch wheels that are exceptionally durable and allow for maximum manoeuvrability. One size won’t suit every rider, so buying the correct size is of utmost importance. If you happen to buy a bigger or smaller bike, you’ll have a hard time controlling it.

The frames on BMX racing bikes are usually made of aluminium, because aluminium is lightweight, stiff and more responsive. All of these features allow the rider to reach higher speed, which is the main purpose of these bikes – to be faster than everyone else. Moreover, aluminium is rust-proof, so you don’t ever have to touch it up if you scratch it.

Another important feature these bikes posses is bigger gearing (there’s only one high-ratio gear). This allows racers to speed over 50 km/h depending on how old and how experienced they are, alongside the conditions of the racing track they’re on. Race bikes don’t need suspension, gyros and stunt pegs. Their tyres are thin and they feature a single V-type linear pull braking system.

As briefly aforementioned, there isn’t a single-sized bike that can accommodate all riders. That being said, you should measure up before you buy, so that you can buy the right frame size. The size of the bike is measured by their top tube. There are online sizing guides that can be of assistance, or you can go to a local shop and get measured there.

Se Bikes

To conclude, buying a BMX racing bike is pretty simple, the core features you need to consider are the size, the materials it’s made from and the wheels. BMX racing has become very popular recently, so if you’re going to be serious about it, you need a bike that’s up to the task. Buying the right bike will give you many years of riding pleasure and an extra edge if you decide to compete.