Over the past decade or so, flashlights have become much more than just being an item that sits in your kitchen cabinet waiting to be used during a power outage. Many outdoor enthusiasts, whether they’re hunters, campers or hikes rely heavily on flashlights to provide illumination throughout their travels at night. However, the average outdoor enthusiast needs more than the typical flashlight you can get at a convenience store. While they can do the job decently, generic flashlights lack the durability, power, and reliability that’s necessary to be used in tough environments, which is why many people are looking to buy tactical torches.

Unlike generic flashlights, tactical flashlights are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments. With that said, if you’re going to do any serious outdooring, then you probably need a tactical flashlight. Most tactical flashlights feature LED technology, which is far more reliable, long-lasting and powerful than incandescent or halogen lighting. After all, tactical equipment, in general, was initially used by military and law enforcement before becoming widely available to the public. There are several different types of tactical torchlights, depending on their intended use.


Handheld tactical torchlights are designed as an EDC (everyday carry) item, and they’re designed for hand-use specifically, whereas most other types are designed to be mounted on a firearm. That being said, these models are extremely compact and you can easily carry them wherever you go with minimum hassle. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t use them for hunting, just that you’ll have to carry them with one hand and your pistol with the other.


Mounted tactical torchlights, as their name implies, are fitted right onto your firearm. This has its own advantages and disadvantages. As far as advantages go, you have both hands free to handle your firearm, but you can’t point the light towards anywhere that your firearm isn’t pointed as well, which can sometimes be dangerous. Some torchlights can be fitted on top, while others on the bottom or on the side of your firearm. The decision will boil down to personal preference.

Regardless of which type you want to go for, there are a couple of different factors you need to consider. The lighting output, beam distance, and beam width can all vary greatly, and you need to find a torch that has the combination of all three that fit your specific needs. Furthermore, consider whether you want the torchlight to have disposable or rechargeable batteries. Your choice will mostly depend on how often you use it – if you’re an occasional user, then disposable batteries are probably the better option, but if you’re a frequent user, then you might save some money with rechargeable batteries.