Cats really are special. In fact, they were treated as royals and deities in ancient Egypt for about 30 centuries, and it seems they haven’t forgotten this treatment even today. For cat owners, a cat is a family member, their best friend and companion. Where you go, kitty goes along too, including flights.

Trouble is, unlike dogs which are used to being walked on a leash, cats get stressed out easily when they’re away from their familiar surroundings so it takes some time to prepare them for the trip, well ahead the trip itself if you want to count on a more peaceful experience for both of you.


The perfect start is getting the airline approved cat carriers to get your cat used to being in one in time. Since there’s a variety of carriers you’re going to stumble upon, it’s advisable to find out what the specific under-seat measurements are, to be able to choose the exact carrier width and height that would fit underneath the seat for takeoff and landing.

Likewise, don’t forget to inquire if your chosen airline allows pets onboard or you’d have to send your cat in the cargo. While airlines charge for pets, the case is different for emotional support animals, so make sure you find out the fees and documents required.

Knowing how cats are sensitive creatures, it’s advisable to choose one that allows your cat to fly with you. Now, as soon as you’ve decided from the cat carriers make sure you give your cat some time to get to know it before it gets in and stays in with a closed door.

If necessary, to teach your kitty that it’s nothing to fear, fill it up with favourite toys or give treats whenever you notice improvement. This would save you a great deal of hassle! Considering airport security screening requires the cat to be out of the carrier, teach your cat getting in and out is part of the process and so is wearing a harness.

Other essentials you’d have to buy are potty pads to line up the carrier with, so you won’t have to worry about pee or poo mess during the flight, as well as collapsible water and food bowls.

Lastly, depending on where you’re travelling to, you have to find out all of the certificates you’d be needing, whether a health certificate is all that’s required, or you’d be needing additional ones, like rabies vaccine among others.

To make it more comfortable for your kitty, pay a trip to the vet and ask for sedative solutions. This doesn’t necessarily mean medication, as it can also be pheromone wipes or collar that help lower a cat’s anxiety.

Stay in the know and have a safe trip!