Being the realm of pharaohs and legends, Egypt is a breathtaking land filled with tombs and temples that have the power to astonish both new and experienced travellers alike. Its vast choice of activities can spark anyone’s interest, ranging from archaeological pyramid sightseeing and scuba diving to Cairo’s amazing nightlife and peaceful lifestyle of the country side. It is the perfect destination for travellers to experience culture, adventure and relaxation. If you too want to cross this magical destination off your travel list, here are the tips you need.

Hire A Professional Travel Agent

Travelling can be fun, but if planned correctly. In order to ensure a comfortable, relaxed and safe experience, you can hire a professional. Common reasons why experienced travellers love trip to Egypt package that includes a travel agent are the room upgrades and hard-to-get restaurant reservations they are able to arrange for you. The travel agent can also find a professional Egyptologist for your tours if you want to enrich your knowledge of Egypt with stories, myths and insights on the locations and monuments you are going to see. But more importantly, travel agents can help you with all the paperwork you need regarding the trip to Egypt package.

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Top-Rated Locations to Visit

Pyramids of Giza – One of the most notable and world known landmarks of the ancient age. The pyramids of Giza are a true work of architectural art that has been baffling scientists, archaeologists for ages , hence the many conspiracy theories which include them. Build out of 2,3 metric ton, sandstone blocks, these structures are the burial zone for mighty pharaohs and all their treasures. But one of the most astounding, enigmatic pieces of the pyramids is the Sphinx, which is their noble guardian.

The Town of Luxor – Home to a plethora of tombs and temples, Luxor is considered as the biggest open air museum. When in this town, make sure you visit the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple in order to admire some of the best wall art there is.

Abu Simbel – The temple of Ramses II is the one temple to rule them all. Its gates are protected by four sitting colossal statues and its inside is filled with beautiful and unique wall paintings. Probably one of the most astounding facts about this temple is its relocation back in 1963 due to potential flooding from the Aswan dam. The entire temple was moved 60 meters above its original position with the help of UNESCO which took 4 years to complete.

Other Considerations

Consider that Egypt is a Muslim country so you should respect their way of life and religion if you plan on visiting. Public display of affection and revealing clothing are frowned upon, while homosexuality is even illegal in Muslim countries.

Some places have a sign that sayss “No Flash Photography”. It is highly advised to obey this warning or you will get thrown out of the temple since flash photography can damage the ancient wall paintwork.

Avoid wearing high-heels or open toe shoes as the floors in most temples are uneven. Dents and crevasses in the sandstone floors can get your heels stuck or your exposed toes injured.

Keep your other currencies hidden when bargaining with traders, if they see that you are carrying anything other then Egyptian pounds, they might insist that you pay with that currency (which will end up costing you more).