It’s that time of year again when people get that strong itch to redecorate their living spaces. So, if you’re ready to start off with a clean slate and a gorgeous, clean home, I’d recommend giving the Scandinavian style a try. If you’re a fan of minimalism, functional furniture and muted colours – then this style can be right up your alley. Feeling inspired? Here are the essential guidelines when it comes to bringing that clean and airy Scandinavian vibe into your home.

Scandinavian - chairs

Keep It Simple & Functional

First off, try to approach your redecorating with a “less is more attitude”. This means only investing in furnishings that can find a purpose in your home. Anything excessive needs to go as it will only clutter up your space. In the same minimalist fashion, make sure to choose furnishings with clean, simple lines. Like for instance a genuine Danish design chair or a Swedish couch with smooth edges and textures that focus more on functionality than looks. But although the things you own decrease in number, make sure that they increase in functionality and quality and choose durable materials such as oak, walnut or maple.

A Neutral Palette is Your Best Friend

Unlike most other styles that do not discriminate colours, there’s definitely a unique theme going on in Scandinavian style. A palette of neutral colours such as black, brown and grey tend to dominate Scandinavian spaces. Although you may think these colours look rather dreary, placed upon the bright backdrops provided by white walls gives the space a very peaceful and refreshing look. The white walls are also perfect for art to captivate more attention.

But Feel Free to Add Personality Here and There

Although Scandinavian is known for its distinct neutral palette, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some bold colour and personality. When using playful colours in such a neutral space it’s best to do so in small bursts here and there. Remember, chairs can make the best accent pieces. They are small enough to not dominate the space, yet big enough to make a statement, so feel free to use a bold Danish design chair as your accent piece. Wall art, pillows and throws can be other colourful accent pieces that give the space a more cheery vibe without disturbing the overall simplicity.

Bring the “Hygge” Feel with Textiles

The Danish concept “hygge” is very important in Scandinavian design. The term refers to creating a cosy and warm atmosphere with an accent on well-being and comfort. So, the best way to bring hygge into your home would be by introducing a variety of soft, warm textiles. A chunky upholstered Danish design chair, some sheepskins in place of rugs, soft throws and fluffy pillows can all add warmth and texture to the space.